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Siddharth Naik
Heidelberg Christmas Market
Sonia Dhoundiyal
Had a great chance to visit Heidelberg, although Heidelberg is small city & famous for its romantic view, castle and Altstadt. Heidelberg is young and lively city as it’s a university city. The most popular thing to do here is to visit old town, famous bridge on Neckar river, the castle and the old the holyspirit church for the city view. I believe the autumn season is the best season for Heidelberg when the whole city is surrounded with yellow green red season color and rush is comparatively less.
Sameer Tawde
Neha Kirpal
Dienstag: I lost my heart in Heidelberg …The next morning, I went to see Heidelberg. Lying somewhere directly on the confluence of rivers Rhine and Neckar, sits this picturesque little university town. After a while, I stood at a vantage point from where I got a sweeping view of the city's picturesque landscape—the famous Limes, or the artificial line that the Romans built across Europe to defend the Roman Empire. I then strolled through the University Square and the Marktplatz, and breezed by a popular student tavern playing jazz. I stopped to relish a lunch consisting of the quintessential local delicacy, bratwurst at an eatery called Bratwurst Glockle.
After a hearty meal, stroll through Hauptstrasse, it’s THE street there! It’s a quaint heaven for shoppers and has some amazing outlets to pick up souvenirs from. Hauptstrasse happens to be Europe’s longest car-free zone, by the way!