I took a high-speed train from Cologne to Offenburg and was fascinated to note that the double-decker train which was supposed to bring me to Konstanz wasn't an ordinary local train. This train is named Schwarzwaldbahn or the Black Forest train. That sounded pretty interesting to me, so I asked a co-traveller whether there were other trains with the same name. He simply smiled in reply.Offenburg means the opening of castles (thanks to my German skills), so I thought that it was so named because of a series of castles which would be visible en-route. The prediction wasn't incorrect though, as I could see small stations passing by along with many small and beautiful castles at Gengenbach and Hausach among other places. However, the landscape was changing fast. I could easily sense that there were mountains all around. A small canal ran parallel to our train as it progressed towards the hilly region of Black Forest.