Chaingez Khan
Well.. osnabruck was again a transit destination for my to be solo euro trip, I had to meet my brother, who had to guide me, how to go about the solo trip.But, here comes the adventure of the night! he forgot to pick me up.. he kept sleeping.The first night of my euro stay was scary..I dint know where to go ..what to do.. my phone had no internet..so I visited  a mc d at middle of the night. I sat there for almost an hour , calling my brother, his gf, his friends in Germany, if they had any info about him. Finally he woke up and made his way to pick me up.The night did not end there, we had to sneak in into a hostel in his city coz he did not have a place to stay.We moved out from the hostel early in the morning, to his college, where we could sit and plan my next move, but this was just the beginning of the new way I was about to explore the beautiful osnabruck town.It's a small town with beautiful architectural buildings and clean roads, fresh air.My day went unexcited as I spent my day in a library , as how to go abt the trip. But I admired the small city, everything was beautiful. I had my bus to Amsterdam in evening, which got late by an hour , wasn't exciting either. The good part about the euro buses is, they have free Wi-Fi, a washroom and soo comfortable seats tht u feel like u are in a flight. I almost reached Amsterdam at 9 pm and it was still daylight, Well.. thts quite surprising coz for us sun sets at 7 .. so anyways, the air of the city intended was so new and so party type.I made my way to my hostel..thanks to the internet .. nd free Wi-Fi available.. I reached my youth hostel in time.. I freshened up and took my chance to move out in an unknown city, unknown country, all by myself! Travel cost - 8 -12 euro  by bus, 4 euro. MetroFood- 5 euroVisiting place - free :).. More coming up