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When I first crossed Triberg, a station up in the mountains, it was snowing heavily and I wished I could get off the train at that moment (which of course I couldn't). I decided to visit Triberg some other time next year. Later while googling, I found that this is a great place to explore especially because of the world's biggest cuckoo clock (that also has a Guinness book entry) and utterly delicious Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (that's pretty much a tongue-twisting word which means Black Forest cake). So one fine morning in autumn, I boarded the Black Forest train from Konstanz to reach Triberg.A model steam-engine train is kept at Triberg station. As a matter of fact, for purely historical reasons, these trains are functional even today. These trains look picturesque with black smoke spewing out amidst snow-capped trees in winter, like in a Harry Potter movie. The city of Triberg is small and one can easily walk around the entire city on a sunny day.A river named Gutach beside the town creates several waterfalls as it flows downstream. The river is a photographer's paradise!There are many souvenir shops around that sell cuckoo clocks. The local restaurants were decent and I quite enjoyed the food, especially the cake with cherries.
The Trunk Travellers
Triberg – The Pearl of the Black Forest RegionTriberg has a perfect setting, a beautiful town set in a valley surrounded by the Black Forest (The canopy of the forest is so impenetrably dense that virtually no sunlight passes through and hence the name Black forest). With its picturesque landscape, the cuckoo clocks and the original black forest cake, this little town has everything you have known to associate the Black Forest with. You simply cannot get more Black Forest than this.