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Ronit Borpujari
ReeperbahnReeperbahn is an area inside of the St. Pauli district and is usually considered the nightlife capital of the city. It is also the red light district of the city, but that is limited to only one street. If you want to genuinely have a fun night, be it sitting in a bar for a couple of hours, going karaoke or even clubbing, Reeparbahn is the place to be. I would personally recommend Berg 4 and Ambers for chilling and getting good local beers with good contemporary indie music.As for the music scene, its very diverse. You can find everything all the way from underground and techno to classic rock and indie pop, all within a few meters from each other. Overall, Reeparbahn should cover all your nightlife woes. It is open at all times and is in full swing between 9pm to 9am everyday (more on the weekends thu-sun) Cost: 2-4 Euros per beer, 6-8 Euros hard drinks.
Trisha Singh
Home to the city's hippest clubs and a red light district, Reeperbahn is where Hamburg goes a little naughty. Here you can witness some of the world's most iconic music and dance venues (there are hundreds), peek inside the sex-shops (there are many), or take it all in from the sidelines at Beatles Platz.
Undoubtedly one of Hamburg’s best known offerings, my trip to this part of Germany would not have been complete without seeing the infamous Reeperbahn – Hamburg’s red-light district street in St Pauli. We went at 2:30am on a Saturday night, which apparently is the time to go. I have to say that I found the whole setup a lot more civilised than Amsterdam’s equivalent.