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No more used as a temple, this ruined site is on the north eastern slopes of the Hemakuta Hill. The 15 feet idol of Lord Ganesha here is the largest structure of a God in South India. The name is derived from the fact that the idol of Lord Ganesha in this temple has a big belly resemblimg a Bengal Gram which in Kannada is called Kadalekalu. The pillars are simple yet attractive with the inscription of mythological themes which is otherwise very common in this city.
A Timeless Odyssey
The Kadalekalu Ganesha statue is 15 ft high. This is one of the largest sculptures in Hampi.
Harini Sridharan
A statue similar to Sasivekalu Ganesha.
srishti jugran
We biked up the hills to reach a huge monolithic stone carving of the Elephant god Ganesha- the God of eternal knowledge.This 4.6 meters (14 feet) tall sculpture id carved in situ on the slops of the Hemakuta Hill.