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Queen's Bath

Hampi is one of the best ruined cities you will find in the world and the Queen's Bath is a popular attraction here. This is a part of some very old palace and this was the place where the royal ladies and queens would bath themselves. From the outside everything looks very simple but as you go in you find beautiful corridors and a central courtyard. The corridor has a number of ornately decorated arches and also fountains. These fountains supposedly were filled with perfumed waters and sprouting options during the earlier times. This is now almost in ruins except for the fact that you can make out the beautiful architectural patterns.
Sunodh RadhaSrinu
I reached Queen Bath place in 5 mins they are so many places near by- Queen Bath- Pushkarini- Royal Enclosure- Secret council chamber- Mahanavami Dibba
Travel Engineer
Queens Bath, nothing much to see around but its a big complex for bathing that was meant for the queen back in the days.
Srijita Kushwaha
Royal Bath for Vijayanagara Queens is a large square structure with a simple exterior and ornated interior. The bath area is 15 square meters and 1.8 meters deep.
Queen's Bath, don't the actual reason behind it's name but actually this Royal bathing complex was built for King with his wives. Inside the bathing complex there is varanda with open sky pool at middle. Once it was filled with fragmented flowers in pool water. On each side multiple windows are present.
iv) Queen's BathThough known as the queen's bath, this water pavilion was probably intended for male courtiers and their female companions. The structure presents a severely plain exterior, which contrasts markedly with the interior where there is a delightful arcaded corridor roofed with ornate vaults of different designs running around a square pool. Balconies with arched windows, decorated with delicate plasterwork, project over the pool.