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Black Forest

The answer is right in front of you , that's right. It was at Black Forests of south west Germany & that's why there is this Giant Cuckoo Clock installed at a very popular tourist stop lying in the middle of the Black Forests . There is a huge cuckoo clock souvenir outlet in the same campus as well where they have got all sort of cuckoo clocks , varying in sizes from few inches to 2 meters , which they simply ship it all over the world , provided you make the payment :) ..And hey, careful, shipping charges are extra ! ...........Please feel free to share your travel stories here : may like to read more about the  Germany here : & take care till my next post ! Keep Supporting !! :)
We entered Black Forest area by 5pm, drove through mid of the forest and visited world’s largest Cuckoo Clock. There was a demo given to all of us showing how cuckoo clocks were made in ancient times and how it is made using technology in modern days. It was very informative. They also had shop which offered us variety of cuckoo clocks from smallest to largest size, souvenirs etc. The surroundings was so serene, green, windy, chilling. We also bought one cuckoo clock for home and even today, I can hear the cuckoo sound every hour reminding our tour.
Adete Dahiya
Today drive to the heart of Black Forest, known for its picturesque woods, consisting of pines and firs. Be enthralled at the scenic beauty of the quaint villages in the heart of Black Forest region.Pro tip: Witness a demonstration of how cuckoo clocks are made in Triberg, which is known as the cuckoo clock-capital of the world.
Shalini Rai
Saying Danke! to Germany, its Black Forest and the Rhine Falls, I headed towards the 'real' Alps, those incredibly-stunning mountains drenched in snow that I had only dreamt of visiting, till now. The Alpine mountain ranges span many countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and (northern) Italy. I thought all these countries had so many natural features in common that may be one day they could come together under the banner of the 'Alpine States' or as the 'United States of the Alps'!
Beautiful Landscape.