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9 out of 109 attractions in Hoi An Ancient Town
An Bang Beach Little taxi ride away from the town is An Bang Beach. Long stretch of beach with few basic cafes. Its pretty famous in the locals and lovely views from the cafes. You can easily spend 2-3 hours with you drinks. Make sure the book your cab in advance as at night there'll be less taxis available in this area and you need to call the taxi company.
Nidhi Jakhodia
After resting for some time at the hotel, we took a cab to An Bang Beach, about 5km from Hoi An. It seemed like everyone in Hoi An has descended there. Considering the low season and how small the town is had not expected to see such huge crowds. It is a mystery how the beach was still so clean. Unless you are really keen on beaches, would recommend tourists to avoid An Bang.
Vishal Taneja
Second last day (day 6) we did a cycling tour to An Bang Beach, a quiet and beautiful beach. I was with a girl who met 2 fellow travelers and we got lucky to get some Cambodian stash from them. Hired bi-cycle to run around the village and reach the 4km away An Bang beach.