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Kuldhara Abandoned Village

Rated as one of the most haunted villages of Asia, this small place in Jaisalmer has been desolated for almost a century now. It is known that once their lived a Rajput king who was cursed because of which the place is still not fit to be resided by people. There are a number of ruins of forts and palaces but the government has strict rules that no one should be entering this place after sunset. There have been a number of investigations which have proved the presence of supernatural forces in the Kuldhara Village.
After reaching our camp site we leave for kuldhara village & take lunch before we reach our destination.Kuldhara village is one of the haunted villages and most famous amongst all 80 villages which becomes haunted after some incidents. Personally when I am exploring the city I literally feel negative energy and fully uncomfortable in the city.Kuldhara is totally covered by the government and no one is allowed after the sun sets in that area.
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Located 18 km away from Jaisalmer, the Kuldhara village is known as the ghost village. Lying abandoned from the past few centuries, this village has no signs of human life and is also known as one of the haunted places in Rajasthan. However, during the contemporary times, this hamlet has become one of the significantly visited places in Jaisalmer.A clan of eighty-five villages, Kuldhara was once inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins, but due to some adverse happenings, the natives evacuated the village within a night. Also, there have been no traces, where and how the villagers left their homes; only assumptions and wild guesses hinted their invasion to some of the nearby regions. Since then there has been no signs of human dwelling or any other activities within the surroundings.It is also said that while leaving the village, the villagers put a curse on it. According to the curse, anyone dwelling within the village will have to meet a fearful fate, death in the worst cases!Location: Jiyai, Rajasthan 345001Best time to visit: The ideal time to visit Kuldhara would be from October to March when the heat is a little bit less, and you can enjoy walking around in the desert without getting tortured by the sun.
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After bidding goodbye to the desert, we reached the abandoned (and allegedly haunted) village, Kuldhara. While there are numerous stories of what that triggered the abandonment, it is not certain what actually happened. Even the informatory boards at the entrance mention that there is no surety in this regard. Regardless, the place is awesome and one can go inside the village, explore the houses/remains and roam around the streets, just beware of the thorny bushes. Obviously since we went during the day, we didn't feel that the place is haunted.Tip: If you want to roam around the streets of the remains in you own vehicle, go to Khaba Fort. It has similar ruins but you don't have to park your car outside and walk. It will give the true feeling of being in an abandoned village.