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Throughout the year
5 AM - 10 PM
Sightseeing, Photography and Picnic
₹10 per person

Bahu Fort Park

Located in the serene city of Jammu, Bahu Fort is an ancient fort which was constructed 3000 years ago by Raja Bahulochan and was refurbished by Raja Gulab Singh in 19th century. Bawe Wali Mata Temple is present near Bahu Fort where the presiding deity is Goddess Kali and offerings like flowers, sweets and coconut are dedicated to the Goddess by the believers. From Bahu fort Jammu, the panoramic sight of the gurgling Tawi River is visible, as the fort stands tall on a high plateau. There is a Mughal-style garden called bagh e bahu present nearby which gives a sweeping view of the Jammu city. It is a very popular tourist spot among the tourists. Bahu Fort is also famous for its Bahu Mela which takes place during the times of Navratri. Bahu Fort is a reflection of the rich history and culture of Jammu and Kashmir.
Rakesh kumar Varma
बाहु फोर्ट की स्थापना 3000 साल पहले राजा बाहुलोचन ने कराई थी। यह किला रावी नदी के किनारे एक ऊंचे टीले पर स्थित है। इस किले के अंदर 'बावे वाली माता' का मंदिर भी है जहाँ नवरात्रों में बाहु मेला लगता है।
Triveni Sidha
2. Bahu Fort/Mahakali Temple/Bagh-e-Bahu: These three are located at the same place. The Bahu Fort is 3000 years ago historic fort in the city of Jammu that is constructed on the banks of Tawi River. It is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali, known locally as “Bawe Wali Mata”(Mahakali Temple).Also the Bagh-e-Bahu park is the center of attraction in Jammu city. One can enjoy the view of Artificial lake, Fountains, Beautiful Nature and Greenery. Guess what you should not miss out? Asia’s biggest underground Aquarium, it is also built at the same place.