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Also known as the Sir Bhum Chun, this is an important halting point on the Leh- Manali Highway. This is on the border area of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir or Ladakh. Here you will also find an Indian Army camp near the Tsarap Chu River. The routes surrounding this area are the Baralacha La on one side and the Lachulung La to the other side. This place being on such a high altitude, it is usually difficult to cross the whole route in one day. Also, the terrain is variable and travellers and tourists take around two days at least to move ahead. This place is thus used as a camping ground as there are a few tented accomodations here. When the winter increases here, the roads are all blocked with snow and even the tents of the Indian Army are closed here. The Sarchu area acts as the starting point for more difficult treks towards the Zanskar Region of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir.
Abhigya S
Acclimatisation is vital for your road trip to Ladakh, so make your next halt at Sarchu. Give yourself a much-needed break and let the mood set in for an unusual adventure. Note that on your journey from Manali to Sarchu, via Rohtang, Keylong, and Jispa, the network connectivity is poor and at a lot of these places postpaid BSNL might not work either. Throughout the journey, you will witness an unreal landscape transformation and many unassuming dhabas that serve life-saving kahwa tea.
Sameer Wadhwani
Flash scene 2 :After leaving from Manali at 4am in the morning, we reached Rohtang top without any hiccups pretty early before the traffic started to build up.This was the first landmark which marked the transition to the other side of civilization, away from the hustle-bustle and cacophony of city life:
Ankush Goyal
Day 8: 24th June, 2017We wake up in Tsomoriri next day. This day taught me an important life lesson and brought a good change in me. I woke up and went to the terrace, where a child was transferring the cold water with the help of bucket in Storage tank of Solar water heater and then collecting the hot water in another bucket from Outlet water tab, so that we can freshen up with hot water.This scene made me feel very bad. Most of us have, whoever is reading this, almost everything which is required to live a basic life such as running water hot and cold, good food to eat, good clothes to wear, a good job, but still we complaint about it. We are not happy with whatever we have, we always expect more. I was complaining with my life for more such things.I learnt to be happy from these people in every condition, who try to find happiness in small things. They have a lot of basic problems in their life, like electricity, food, water etc. But they are not giving up on this, they will greet you with happy faces, they will wave you with a lovely smile, whenever someone from outside city/ country crosses them. Okay, let me get back to my journey for that day.We had our breakfast at ‘Namkila Guest House’ and started to our next destination Sarchu via Tanglang La Pass 17,585ft world second highest motorable road. On the way to Sarchu, we took a halt at Lachung La Pass.Lachung La is a high mountain pass set at an elevation of 5,059 m (16,598 ft) above the sea level. The pass is located in Himalaya, on the boundaries of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. Lachulung La pass is traversed by the Leh-Manali highway. It is one of the favourite passes amongst the hikers as well as trekkers and visited by a number of people.After getting clicked there, we continued our journey towards Sarchu. We were going to stay in Camps instead of a guest house or hotel in Sarchu, so we were pretty excited about that. By evening we reached to ‘Dorje Camps’ in Sarchu, our overnight stay for that day.We had a lot of fun there, as it was my first experience of staying in tents. After having buffet dinner, we sat together in a tent and started sharing some ghost stories, consequences of which all 6 people slept in a single tent.
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Day 14 - Sarchu to ManaliWe woke up around 6 in the morning. Behind our campsite, there were some holes dig up by the marmots. So, we went into that area to capture some nice shots and spent 10-15 minutes there. By the time the breakfast was ready, we headed to wards the camp site back, had our breakfast and were ready to start our journey ahead towards Manali.
3. Camping out in the openSarchu, another experience of life out in the open under the vast sky lit with millions of stars. Go camping. Soak in the silence and serenity. In the morning, surprise yourself with your drinking water all iced up.