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Jaswant Thada

This is one of the marble structures in Jodhpur that was made in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. The place is located on a lake just about 1 km from Mehrangarh Fort. There is an array of domes that will first catch your attention when you step here. The place is not only welcoming but also at peace and away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Another attraction of the place is the view that it offers of the entire city of Jodhpur. Jaswant Thada was built in 1899 and the architecture contains of jalis on the cenotaph as well as various paintings of Rathore rulers straight from 13th century.
Ananya Ghosh
Jaswant Thada is a cenotaph (an empty tomb that does not contain the remains of the person it was built for) located about half a kilometer away from the fort by rickshaw. It serves as the cremation ground for the royal family of Marwar. From a distance, you may not find it jaw dropping or incredible but once you get a closer look at it, the intricately carved sheets of marble make you feel peaceful and calm. The sheets are extremely thin and polished so that they emit a warm glow when illuminated by the sun.
Priyanka Tawaniya
After that I came down and visited Jaswant Thada. It's actually an memorial. At the back side of Jaswant thada you can have a majestic view of Mehrangarh fort and you can enjoy the pleasant weather over there. You can spend some quality time relaxing at Jaswant Thada. Many folk music performances happen there, can enjoy that too in the evening time.
Harsh Sharma
Next place which I went to visit was the Jawaswant Thada, that is cenotaph built by the royal family to pay an homage to their ancestors.
Nikita Butalia
The view is as great as anywhere else in the city, and besides a memorial and several pictures of all of Jodhpur's kings in chronological order- there's little you will find here. The entry fee is INR 30 for residents, but you might end up wasting precious time. Once you get there though, a small view of a tiny lake surrounded by barren hills unfolds- but you don't need a ticket to see that.2. Don't take a hotel on the outskirts:Nothing to do with sightseeing, but a hotel on the outskirts- like the Club Mahindra property here, is going to cost you big bucks. Cabs from Club Mahindra- or the general surroundings could cost anywhere between INR 600-800 per trip. Unless you've driven down, this could potentially be quite expensive. You could also choose to book a cab for the entire day from one of these properties on the outskirts- which will likely cost you INR 2,000. You might be able to negotiate with a local cab provider for INR 1,000 given that everything is within close proximity and there's hardly any driving to do besides the hotel to and fro.A break-up of my costs:Cab from the airport to the hotel (located on the outskirts- 10 kms from the airport): INR 800Cab for the full day tour of the city: INR 2,000 including all the sightseeing mentioned above. I left at 11:00 am and my cab driver was quite restless to get back by 5:00 pm. There wasn't much driving time- we drove to Umaid Bhawan Palace, Rock Jodha Park, Jaswant Thada and Mehrangarh Fort (not a lot of distance from each other). Eventually I was dropped at Mehrangarh Fort and left to experience the fort, old city and cafes by myself until the evening. In the end we headed to Kalyan Lake (on the outskirts of the city) and back to the hotel.Lunch at a cafe: INR 1,500 for a pizza and a smoothie at Stepwell Cafe. I reckon it would be cheaper at the rooftop cafes.Entry fees: Aside from the entry fee at Mehrangarh Fort- which was expensive because I also hired a guide, the fee at sightseeing spots averaged on INR 30.This blog was originally published on Stumbling Around Delhi.
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Jaswant Thada:They say "The Taj Mahal of Mewar" , carvings of this monument are beautifully intricate. Standing adjacent to Mehrangarh Fort, this is a cluster of majestic cenotaphs in white marble. while the inside is adorned with portraits of Rathore rulers.