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Umaid Bhawan Palace

📍 Umaid Bhawan Palace, RajasthanView map ›

🗓 Best Time To Visit:October to March

⏰ Open Hours:10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

🎒 Things To Do:Explore the palace, visit the museum, dine at the restaurant, experience royal heritage

💰 Entry Fees:INR 30 for Indians, INR 100 for foreigners

🧳 Traveller Types:History buffs, Architecture enthusiasts, Photographers

🏰 Known For:One of the largest private residences in the world, magnificent architecture, vintage car collection

🚉 Distances:6 km from Jodhpur Railway Station, 5 km from Jodhpur Airport

🏞 Location:N/A

📌 Address:N/A

🍴 Dining:On-site multi-cuisine restaurant

📸 Photography:Allowed with the purchase of a ticket

🎟 Tour:Guided tours available

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Suitable For:All age groups

👀 Highlights:Trophy Bar, grand ballrooms, royal suites

💡 Tips:Visit early to avoid crowd, wear comfortable shoes for walking

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Umaid Bhawan Palace: A Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur that Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

Have you ever dreamed of living in a palace? Of waking up to the sight of majestic domes and manicured gardens? Of dining under the stars and being pampered by butlers? If so, then you might want to consider Umaid Bhawan Palace as your next destination.

Umaid Bhawan Palace is a heritage hotel in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, that offers a unique and luxurious experience for its guests. It is one of the world’s largest private residences, and still partly home to the royal family of Jodhpur. Built between 1928 and 1943, it is a magnificent piece of Rajasthan’s heritage, and a symbol of new Jodhpur.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the palace hotel’s features, amenities, services, and experiences. We will also share some tips and insights on how to make the most of your stay at this stunning property. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a cultural immersion, or a royal treat, Umaid Bhawan Palace has something for everyone.

History and Design of the Palace Hotel

Umaid Bhawan Palace was commissioned by Maharaja Umaid Singh, the grandfather of the current Maharaja of Jodhpur, as an aid project to create work for thousands of people affected by the famine in Rajasthan. It took 13 years to build, and was unveiled in 1942 as the sixth largest private residence in the world.

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Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur - (c) Booking.com

The palace hotel was designed by Edwardian architect Henry Lanchester, who drew inspiration from the Indo-Saracenic style and the Art Deco movement. The palace hotel is made of golden sandstone, and features 347 rooms, 26 acres of gardens, and a 105-foot high cupola. The palace hotel also boasts of some modern amenities, such as an underground zodiac pool, a private museum, and a marble squash court.

The palace hotel has witnessed some notable events and guests over the years, such as the wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas in 2018, and the visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1961, to name a few.

Rooms and Suites at the Palace Hotel

Umaid Bhawan Palace offers 70 grand rooms and suites in the renowned Art Deco style. Each room or suite is unique, with an exclusive color scheme or princely passion theme.

The rooms and suites are divided into six categories: palace rooms, historical suites, royal suites, grand royal suites, maharaja suite, and maharani suite. The palace rooms are exquisitely embellished with Art Deco interiors and offer views of the lush lawns or courtyard.

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Historical suite at Umaid Bhawan Palace

The historical suites are bedecked in maroon & green and were once the residences of visiting royalty. The royal suites are decorated with mirror-finished terrazzo and offer views of the Baradari Lawns and Mehrangarh Fort.

The grand royal suites are designed in the influential Art Deco style and feature antique furniture and paintings. The maharaja suite faces the courtyard and has an extensive balcony.

It was once the personal chamber of Maharaja Umaid Singh. The maharani suite is the most striking of the suites in the palace hotel. It was once the personal chamber of Maharani Badan Kanwar. It has a large drawing room, a dining room, a bedroom with a dressing room area, an Art Deco bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub.

The rates and availability of each room or suite vary depending on the season and occupancy. To book a stay at the property click here.

Dining Options at the Palace Hotel

Umaid Bhawan Palace offers a variety of dining options for its guests, ranging from fine dining restaurants to casual bars to in-room dining. You can enjoy cuisines from around the world, as well as local Rajasthani delicacies, prepared by expert chefs using fresh ingredients. You can also savor some of the signature dishes and drinks of the palace hotel, such as smoked lamb kebab, green lentil dal, champagne breakfast, and trophy cocktail.

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Dining at Umaid Bhawan Palace

Some of the dining options at the palace hotel are:

Risala: A fine dining restaurant that serves Indian and continental cuisine. It is adorned with portraits of former maharajas and offers views of Mehrangarh Fort and the city.

Pillars: A casual dining restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is located on the colonnaded veranda and overlooks the Baradari Lawns and the city.

Trophy Bar: A cozy bar that serves a selection of wines, spirits, and cocktails. It is decorated with hunting trophies and memorabilia and has a fireplace and a library.

In-Room Dining: A personalized dining service that allows you to enjoy your meal in the comfort and privacy of your room or suite. You can choose from a menu of Indian and international dishes, or request for a customized meal according to your preferences.

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Some of the dining experiences and occasions that you can enjoy at the palace hotel are:

Breakfast on the Veranda: A romantic way to start your day with a glass of champagne and a sumptuous breakfast on the colonnaded veranda overlooking the gardens and the city.

Dinner under the Stars: A magical way to end your day with a candlelit dinner under the starry sky on the Baradari Lawns or the rooftop terrace. You can choose from a menu of Indian or continental cuisine, or opt for a barbecue or a Rajasthani thali.

Cocktails at the Bar: A relaxing way to unwind after a day of sightseeing or activities with a drink at the Trophy Bar. You can sip on a trophy cocktail, a signature drink made of gin, lime juice, mint leaves, and soda, or try some of the other beverages on offer.

Services and Facilities at the Palace Hotel

Umaid Bhawan Palace offers a range of services and facilities for its guests, such as spa, fitness center, pool, events, and activities. These services and facilities are designed to enhance your comfort, wellness, entertainment, and enjoyment during your stay at the palace hotel.

Some of the services and facilities offered by the palace hotel are:

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Grand Spa at Umaid Bhawan Palace

Jiva Grande Spa:

A holistic spa that offers a variety of treatments and therapies based on ancient Indian traditions and techniques. You can indulge in massages, facials, body wraps, scrubs, and more, using natural ingredients and products. You can also enjoy yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy sessions at the spa.

Fitness Center:

A state-of-the-art fitness center that offers a range of equipment and machines for your workout needs. You can also avail of personal trainers, fitness classes, and consultations at the fitness center.


A stunning indoor pool that is located under the zodiac dome of the palace hotel. The pool is heated and has underwater music and lighting effects. You can swim, relax, or sunbathe at the pool area.


A perfect venue for hosting weddings, parties, meetings, conferences, and other events at the palace hotel. The palace hotel has several banquet halls, boardrooms, lawns, terraces, and courtyards that can accommodate up to 300 guests. The palace hotel also provides catering, decoration, entertainment, and other services for your events.


A fun way to explore the palace hotel and its surroundings with various activities offered by the palace hotel. Some of the activities include palace heritage walk, evening ritual, folk performances, vintage car drive, desert safari, city tour, fort visit, shopping spree, cooking class, etc.

Some of the services or facilities that are exclusive or complimentary for guests staying at the palace hotel are:

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Palace Heritage Walk:

A guided tour that takes you through the history and architecture of the palace hotel. You will learn about the stories and legends behind the palace hotel’s construction, design, features, events, guests, etc. You will also get to see some of the exclusive areas of the palace hotel, such as the museum, the throne room, the crystal gallery, etc.

Butler Service:

A personalized service that provides you with a dedicated butler who will attend to your every need and request during your stay at the palace hotel. Your butler will assist you with check-in, check-out, luggage handling, room service, laundry service, travel arrangements, sightseeing suggestions, reservations, etc.

Evening Ritual:

A ceremonial event that takes place every evening at sunset on the Baradari Lawns. You will witness a traditional Rajasthani performance by local artists who will entertain you with music, dance, puppetry, fire-eating, etc. You will also get to participate in some rituals such as lighting lamps or flying kites.

Folk Performances:

A cultural event that takes place every evening at dinner time at Risala restaurant. You will enjoy a live performance by local folk artists who will showcase their talents in music, dance, acrobatics, magic tricks, etc. You will also get to interact with them and learn more about their culture and traditions.

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Umaid Bhawan Palace is a heritage hotel in Jodhpur that will make you feel like royalty. It is a magnificent palace hotel that offers a unique and luxurious experience for its guests. It has a rich history and design, spacious and elegant rooms and suites, delicious food and drink options, impeccable service and hospitality, and a variety of services and facilities.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a cultural immersion, or a royal treat, Umaid Bhawan Palace has something for everyone.

Umaid Bhawan Palace Reviews

This is another must-see place in Jodhpur. The view of Umaid Bhavan from the terrace courtyard of Mehrangarh fort is so majestic and grand that you need no persuasion or motivation to visit this palace. Completed in the year 1943, this palace was then the largest royal residence in the world. 347 rooms under one roof is an architectural marvel to ogle upon. One must think and question the functionality and tenacity of such a grand residence but the actual purpose behind this venture was to provide employment to more than 1000 farmers during the draught period. Well, true kings do look after their people! Part of the palace is converted into museum, a part of it is run by Taj Hotels and the major area is still the royal residence of the current king Maharaj Gaj Singh. It is said that the hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. How would it be to live in a hotel like this! Well, dreams don’t cost anything even on a budget trip! If you are obsessed with vintage cars, this trip might just give you an adrenaline rush as the palace displays a huge collection of the royal vehicles since 1917. Budget:Entry fee Rs 60; and transportation: Rs 80/- to and fro. Must See:Little Greece in India While the city is blessed with mighty forts and splendid palace, the blue side of the city is amazingly photogenic and if you are a lens lover, it will be a crime to miss this spot. Hidden in the alley of Navchokiya, this shaded blue cityscape is one-of-its-kind in India. I like to call it the Indian Greece. In the heat of the city, this blue cityscape is like a mint cooler to the eyes. Blue flushed walls with intricate carving, the jharokha style windows and the green lofty doors is a sight you will not find anywhere else in the world. You will need to walk and explore between the alleys as there are only a few lanes and houses that still have this phenomenal elevation and that’s what makes it even more special. The best way to reach here is to catch a rickshaw from the clock tower. You can use Singhvi’s Haveli as a landmark reference. Budget:Rs 80 Things to Buy from Jodhpur Like any other Rajasthan town, the bazaar area is colourful and vibrant and crowded. Every corner of the market pretty much screams India. Traditional clothes, Indian spices, bargaining foreigners, typical Indian sellers, sweet shops, snack shops, ethnic stores and what not. Since the market area is too crowded and could get too confusing, here is a small list of genuine shops that you must try.
Finally, the last day of the trip. We packed our bags, bid adieu to our jolly owners and the heavenly abode and set out to visit the Royal Umaid Bhawan Palace. Food is something, all of us are particularly enthusiastic about. Hence, we decided to have an epic lunch before our visit to the palace. Zomato suggested a place called Kalinga restaurant, located close to the city railway station. Moments after we slid into our chairs and ordered, an enormous platter of food was served. Paneer gravy served in an earthen pot melted in our mouth, kadhi had an apt amount of salt and sour texture to it while daal tadka served sizzling hot with desi ghee was very tempting. Heavy-eyed yet utterly satisfied with our afternoon meal, we gathered energy to go one last mile. Home of the erstwhile Jodhpur royal family, Umaid Bhawan palace is a magnificent piece of Rajasthan’s heritage and houses a fascinating family museum. Its location at the top of Chittar Hill provides guests with phenomenal views of the city of Jodhpur, while its golden edifice (it was constructed from Indian sandstone) and huge acres of gardens leave the visitors flabbergasted. For an even more memorable experience – and one that’s certain to appeal to car lovers – there is spectacular show of vintage cars outside the museum. Simply put, there’s no other place quite like it. Jodhpur, has its share of craziness and calm, experience and unfamiliarity, heritage and modernism which makes it all the more special and unique. We started our journey back to Gurgaon around 3PM, a hub of engrossed and pre-occupied lifestyle, racing cars, restless and anxious personas. However, this serene city will always be cherished in our memories!!
The Umaid Bhawan Palaceis one of world’s largest private residences named after Maharaja Umaid Singh. It has 347 rooms. This museum cum a luxurious hotel is visible from the Mehrangarh Fort. The Royal Hotel section is managed by the Taj Hotels. Reaching this place is very easy, you can either book Ola/Uber or hire a local cab and reach there within no time. Jaswant Thada Next was the Jaswant Thada, a cenotaph built by Maharaja Sardar Singh. You can sit at the lawn over there and have a relaxing time. From there went to the Birla Temple. It’s beautiful! Peaceful, clean and serene. By the time it was evening and was feeling hungry. There’s a famous egg sandwich stall at the Jodhpur Market gate, which earned its place in the Lonely Planet, hence, it’s name is Lone Planet Sandwich Shop. Do try out the egg butter cheese sandwich. It’s delicious! From there wanted to go to a good cafe and so after searching and asking some people there, went to ‘Pizzeria’. Have some awesome pizzas and Quesadilla. The ambiance was quite good to chill out. By then it was evening time and I had to catch the train. It marked the end of this Jodhpur diary. However, the experience for me was quite interesting and would love to visit Rajasthan again whenever I get time. Do visit places atleast once as solo traveler. It is really exciting, interesting and lots to learn for oneself for good. Happy traveling :)
Places to eat: 1. Kalpvriksh restaurant, on the way to Mehrangarh fort 2. Janta Sweets, near Jodhpur Junction, popular for rawa masala dosa, toasts and sandwiches 3. Janta Sweets, B road, Nai Sarak, popular for namkeen snacks 3. Ranbaka restaurant, near Mandore Gardens popular for gatte ki sabzi, bajra ki roti 4. Rawat kachori, B road, Nai Sarak, popular for rasmalai 5. Umaid Fine dining, Umaid Bhawan Palace 6. The Curry's, Rooftop Cafe at Zostel 7. Chhoti Haveli, near Zostel 8. Shahi Samosa, B road, Nai Sarak, popular for Mirchi bada, pyaaz kachori and samosa Itinerary we followed: Day 1: 1. We left Delhi by Mandore Express at 9.15 p.m from Old Delhi Railway Station. You can also board the train from Gurgaon/Delhi Sarai Rohilla railway stations according to your convenience. The train has got good reviews and runs timely. We could not get AC-3 bookings so had to book Sleeper class. All was fine except that it was Winters and even our blankets could not rescue us in the morning 4-6 a.m. Also, I was told there is an old engine just outside the stationwhich I missed because I was sleepy :P
उमैद भवन पैलेस महाराजा उमैद सिंह द्वारा बनाया गया हुआ महल कम से कम 10 लाख स्क्वैर फ़ीट संगेमरमर और स्पेशल तरीके के बलुआ पत्थर से बना है। इस बलुआ पत्थर को चित्तर भी कहते हैं और इसी की वजह से इस महल को काफी लोग चित्तर महल के नाम से भी जानते हैं। महल तीन भागों में बँटा हुआ है जिसमें पहला भाग एक होटल की तरह बना हुआ है। दूसरा भाग एक म्यूजियम है और तीसरा भाग यहाँ के राजसी के लिए रखा गया है। करीबन तीन घंटों में आप यहाँ का पूरा दौरा कर लोगे। एक काफी खूबसूरत एंटीक चीज़ों की मार्किट भी आती है यहाँ के रास्ते पर, ज़रूर जाना वहाँ भी।
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