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Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach, also known as Calicut Beach, is a popular tourist destination and meeting spot. It is located on Malabar coast and is easily accessible via road. The beach has a rich history. The road on which the beach exists was named 'Gandhi Road' after Mahatma Gandhi's visit to Calicut. Moreover, a place called Valiyangadi exists in the Southern part of the beach which was a prominent trading point a few centuries back. Tourist spots like Lion's Park and aquarium are situated near Kozhikode Beach. Stalls and little shops are available on the beach where you can find fruits and shaved ice. You can also indulge in activities like flying kites and return to your childhood. Kozhikode Beach offers serenity and gorgeous sunset views to the visitors. It is also a famous destination among photographers who can hone their skills by clicking some dazzling Kozhikode Beach photos for their Instagram.
Ashlyn Clement
Kozhikode Beach- No visit to Kozhikode is complete without a stop over at this local's favorite! dont be alarmed by the number of people visiting each day.
Mohan Bvk
Day 3: Kozhikode -> Kannur -> MangaluruEarly morning site seeing at Beypore Port in Kozhikode and Kozhikode beach. Visited kappad and muzhappilangad beach on my way to Mangaluru, lunch at Kannur and reached Farangipet near Mangaluru.Day 4: Mangaluru -> Kaup -> Mangaluru -> BengaluruVisited Tannirbhavi and Panambur beach in Mangaluru, city riding, evening time at Kaup beach and its lighthouse, dinner at Farangipet and return ride to Bengaluru in the midnight.Total km: 1331For the detailed and complete story and more pictures, please visit my blog posts below. Thanks for reading and happy riding!Day 1 and 2Day 3 and 4
Gaurav Maurya
This is one of the very few beaches in Kerala which is rich in historical significance. This is where the explorer Vasco De Gama anchored his ships in the year 1498. This beach is situated 16 km from Kozhikode, and will involve a beautiful journey through the backwaters of Kozhikode. The waters of Kappad are ideal for swimming. Also at the place can be found an 800 year old temple.
Gaurav Maurya
The Kozhikode beach is a clean and well kept beach and is a preferred place to hang out for those who love to observe sunsets. The Kozhikode Beach also is home to a lighthouse and sea piers that are over a 100 years old. Other important attractions on the beach are the Lion's club and the children's park.
Akhil Bhat