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Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach, also known as Calicut Beach, is a popular tourist destination and meeting spot. It is located on Malabar coast and is easily accessible via road. The beach has a rich history. The road on which the beach exists was named 'Gandhi Road' after Mahatma Gandhi's visit to Calicut. Moreover, a place called Valiyangadi exists in the Southern part of the beach which was a prominent trading point a few centuries back. Tourist spots like Lion's Park and aquarium are situated near Kozhikode Beach. Stalls and little shops are available on the beach where you can find fruits and shaved ice. You can also indulge in activities like flying kites and return to your childhood. Kozhikode Beach offers serenity and gorgeous sunset views to the visitors. It is also a famous destination among photographers who can hone their skills by clicking some dazzling Kozhikode Beach photos for their Instagram.
Vikram Mn
We got private bus from there to Kozhikode. And headed straight to beach by paying 30 in auto. Feels so good to go in auto in Kerala. Doesn't go beyond 50 rupees no matter where you go. We asked all the details about the biryani shops in the few minutes we got with the driver. Within minutes we reached Kozikode beach. It was sunny, crowded and not nice. But it was nice to walk on the rocks and sit at the beach's end. With the sun setting it, it was nice.We followed it up by biryani in Paradise Hotel along with Karimeen, Parotta, Beef Curry and Chaya. All were awesome. And finally auto to station. Again 30 rupees. Even better was when someone asked for auto he informed him to go to pre-paid counter. If only Chennai auto wala's had been this good. Got into the train and slept like hell. In all a fulfilling journey where everything went as per plan.
Ashlyn Clement
Kozhikode Beach- No visit to Kozhikode is complete without a stop over at this local's favorite! dont be alarmed by the number of people visiting each day.
Akhil Bhat