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Minicoy Island

Crescent shaped, Minicoy Island is the second largest isle of Lakshadweep. With one of the most superlative lagoons in its possession, it is surrounded all around by beautiful villages named ‘Avah’. The island certainly earns its position in the list of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep. Fishing is a popular sport and men and women are seen flocking to the nearest water body every time there is a high tide.Tuna fishing is an adventure in itself and if you get lucky there is a chance you might catch a game on play.You ought to check out the view tower that offers a serene view of the surrounding around, loaded with coconut trees and sand beaches.
Wriddhi Bagchi
Minicoy island was part of our 5 days/4 nights Lakshadweep trip by ship. We were spending the whole daytime at the island and were coming back to ship by evening and travel to the next island by this ship during night time.It is a very amazing feeling when you are on a deck of a ship at night with the sky above filled with thousands and thousands of stars and the mighty ocean at the bottom, with no land probably in hundreds of kilometers in any direction and no other light around. You feel small, you feel helpless, but you feel enlightened, wise and lucky. All your life's problems accumulated doesn't stand anywhere in front of this. The waves created by the ship shows fluorescent white color in the moonlight, and it hits back the ship and smashes on its body. The more you concentrate on the sky, the number of stars you can see. Eventually, the sky looks to you as a black velvet paper losing its color and becoming partially white in multiple places.On the islandOur destination for the day was Minicoy which is little far from the rest of the islands of Lakshadweep and much nearer to the Maldives. My morning schedule was the same, waking up before the alarm clocks at 5:30 am, a short tour to the upper deck and back to back deck for sunrise. At Minicoy, the ship had to stay a little far compared to other islands and it took the boat 20-25min to take us to the island jetty. The resort was also on the other side of the island than the jetty. Few open-hood tempo were there to take us to the place. Like other islands, the greenery was like HD quality.
Bhavana Chandaka
Minicoy: the one with amazing views. This place has a light house which when climbed till the top gives u a soul calming view which will not only make ur eyes happy but ur soul too...The sport for last day was kayaking and the knee boarding is what I did other Dan kayaking 🙂It was a fun and relaxing day.
Lagoons in dweep .at night travelled from minicoy to andrott island in same ship
Ronak Vora