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Minicoy Island

Crescent shaped, Minicoy Island is the second largest isle of Lakshadweep. With one of the most superlative lagoons in its possession, it is surrounded all around by beautiful villages named ‘Avah’. The island certainly earns its position in the list of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep. Fishing is a popular sport and men and women are seen flocking to the nearest water body every time there is a high tide.Tuna fishing is an adventure in itself and if you get lucky there is a chance you might catch a game on play.You ought to check out the view tower that offers a serene view of the surrounding around, loaded with coconut trees and sand beaches.
Ronak Vora
Sanghamitra Bordoloi
This is isolated from all the islands in Lakshadweep. It has the largest lagoon and one uninhabited islet. You can wonder at the colourful race boats found in this island. Main tourist attraction is the 300 foot tall lighthouse built in 1885 by the Britishers.
megha goyal
One of the most beautiful island of Lakshadweep, Minicoy, locally known as Maliku is a crescent shaped island, famous for its beautiful lagoons, colorful reefs, and thickly grown coconut trees. Beautiful resort with AC rooms is added advantage here. It is on the southernmost flank of Lakshadweep. Minicoy isn’t connected via air you have to take a 1.5 day cruise from Cochin to reach there. Choice has to be made either to visit Minicoy or other islands, both cannot be done in single trip if you are looking for night stay.
Debarghyo Sengupta
The next day we reached Minicoy. I have never seen such beautiful and pristine clear waters. When we were travelling on our speed boats I could see the bottom of the sea. On reaching we were taken to a lighthouse from where we could see the entire island. It was a green island covered with mostly coconut trees and surrounded by a beautiful blue sea which lashed upon the sandy beaches. Then we were taken to the beach which has been the best waters that i have seen till date. The sea water was blue with a hint of green in it. This beach was calm and had no waves as the sea bed was flat for half a km inside the sea. You could take a stroll that long inside the waters and still find water reaching your chest. I did Kayaking on the sea for some time and then got into the sea and kept floating in the sea for long as i relaxed my muscles and mind. We started playing volley on the beach and had a really fun time. Then I tried to capture the beauty of this island with my camera as much as I could. I failed miserably. We went to see some local handicraft museum and saw a beautiful vallam, a long boat which is now used for sport activities. We came back to the ship in the evening. Today was a special night, it was the full moon. I could see a orange fire ball appear around the horizon, yes the moon was orange(google up the reason). The ship deck was beautifully lit up by the full moon as we moved through the darkness all around us. You could not see any land, light over the entire horizon and you look up at the sky and see the stars far away and suddenly you feel so small, so vulnerable. After a philosophical turmoil on my brain I came back to my cabin and called it a night.
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On last day ,we visited the Minicoy Island that i felt that had the most captivating beauty among all other islands .The spellbound beauty even made us to forget of taking the photographs.You can find 2-3 km of lagoon around the island. Don't doubt that I am exaggerating the digits.Instead of getting bothered by the sun, we decided to have fun with sun by drifting in the sea.We also had a wonderful experience doing kayaking. Minicoy is supposed to be the corner-most boundary of India. Comparing with other two islands the beauty of this island is outstanding.Since being close to Maldives they have adopted many things from them.When Malayalam is the common language across all other islands Minicoy holds there own language Mahal which seems to be a customized version of Malayalam.