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Holiday resort

Tip N Top

This is a holiday resort in the beautiful hill station and you can stay in log cottages or normal cottages when you come here. The views of the foggy surroundings are even more perfect from here and the dense forests are perfect places for some camping, picnics and walking. The rooms here are just enough for you to put up and there can be a few spiders here and there but this is what you call real camping experience in the midst of the forest. The service and food is good otherwise.
Anoop Verma
This was our last day in Lansdowne which started with a lot of excitement, even though last day of a trip happens to be low because one has to leave all the excitement, adventure and happiness behind and resume their chaotic life. But for us, this trip was an unforgettable trip which has resulted in never ending excitement from the beginning till the end. We, at around 11 AM checked-out from the property and before taking our way to Delhi, we decided to give a visit to TIP N TOP (the highest point from where you can see Himalayan ranges).
Pranav Makhijani
In the early morning, we set out for Tip N Top which is the sunrise point of the hill station.
Yasmin Mirza
TIP N TOP POINT :Tip N Top also known as the name suggests is one of the highest places in Lansdowne. Located at just 1.5 km from main Lansdowne city centre, Tip in Top is best place in Lansdowne to watch complete skyline with magnificent Shivalik range.One of the must visit place when in Lansdowne. It offers great view of Great HIMALAYA. You will see the white mountain which is part of Himalaya. Perfect place for nature lovers and photography.beautiful view of valley and snow mountains.