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Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei

Nishiraj Baruah
This former cotton mill is a 10 hector industrial estate, parts of which have been converted into art galleries, restaurants and studios. One of the biggest mills of the last century, this one was opened to the students of the New Leipzig School and rented out to the aspiring artists. The place has 10 galleries and more than a 100 artists. I visited Alliene Howell, an American artist here. A specialist in nudes, the walls of her room are full of naked glory. “This is me,” she points out to one of the paintings with no hint of embarrassment. I do not know how to react, but pretend to look suitably impressed. Meanwhile, the paintings of her room partner, another American, are red with violence. “It’s probably because I read newspapers too much,” she explains, as I survey her paintings full of blood, bombs and still-borns.