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Panorama Tower - Plate of Art

Nishiraj Baruah
I soon found myself in front of a towering skyscraper, the shape of which is supposed to look like an open book. However, the common Leipziger has found a more convincing analogy and nicknamed the building Weisheitszahn (Wisdom Tooth). Stepping into an elevator, I rocketed my way up to a roof top restaurant with a sweeping view of the beautiful town below. The restaurant manager ushers us in: “Welcome to the highest point of Leipzig. You are on the 36th floor.” This is the highest multi-storey tower in Leipzig and was designed by Herman Henselmann. Earlier a part of the University of Leipzig, this tower was later on sold to a U.S investment bank. Plate of art gives you a full view of the city while serving a delightful menu!