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Indians- INR 10, Foreigners- INR 100
September - May
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British Residency

This is cluster of buildings in Lucknow which were built by and during the time of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan, the ruler of Lucknow during 1800 AD. These were buildings erected to serve as the residences of the British Officials of the East India Company who were posted over here. This is also an important site of the freedom fight of India. Once there was a dangerous seige and a firing which claimed innumerable number of lives and witnessed the revengeful victory of the British generals. Later during a canon fire, this cluster of old buildings got destroyed majorly and still remain that way in spite of being a Heritage Site.
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British Residency
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10.British Residency:- Its a famous landmark of Lucknow , the place has important connection with the Indian independence struggle , This was the place where we fought and won our first battle of independence in 1857. Worth a visit.Entry Fee:-• 25.00 Rs per person for Indian Citizens• 300.00 Rs per person for ForeignersTiming :- Sunrise to Sunset every day .