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This is a very famous market place which has been existing since the times of the Mughal rulers. This market arena is situated in the heart of the beautiful city of Agra. Here you not only get shops but also shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, offices and so much more. You can take this as the main shopping district when you are in Agra and you can simply get everything you want out here. Starting from sweet shops to the most modern clothings and accessories, you will get everything here.
Neha Jagani
Hazratganj lies in the new city. It is the city's main market. It is a crowded street with various shops, eateries and a movie hall. Hazratganj falls in the new city, as mentioned earlier, here you'll find street shops as well as famous showrooms. This is also a great place to buy the famous Lucknowi Kurtas with chickan work. The street has numerous stalls where they serve different kinds of traditional Indian street food, a taste that your taste buds can never forget.
Hazratganj is the heart of the city & one of the main places for youngsters to hang out. It is also the ultimate shopping destination for all Lucknowites & visitors.
Sarbajaya Bhattacharya
Hazratganj is the center of the city of Lucknow. It is a bustling market place which, in addition to the traditional bazaars, now also includes shopping complexes, hotels, restaurants, and cinema halls. In the early nineteenth century, the first Nawab of Awadh thought of building Hazratganj as a market space. Since then, this area has seen several transformations, in terms of its appearance, and wares sold. But we are happy to note that Lucknow still sells the best Chikan in the country. So while in Hazratganj, make sure you add Chikan to your wardrobe. Photos sourced from Tripoto
Hazratganj is a marketplace. One can find one of the most branded stores here. There is small lane from Haratganj which goes to Janpath market. Hazratganj and Janpath markets are very costly for shopping. Other places to shop are Sharaganj, Gomtibazaar and Chowk.
Damini Aggarwal
The place to shop and eat in Lucknow. The Victorian lights add a good ambiance to the place. Perfect place to unwind and pass time in the heart of the city.
Nancy Nance
Situated in the heart of the city, Hazratganj is a shopping area and has many restaurants, theatres and shopping complex.
Interestingly, the main shopping area – Hazratganj – feels a bit like Connaught Place of Delhi despite the aura being pure Lakhnawi. Major brands have a strong presence in this retail centre that is the heart of the city.
Best place to loosen my pocket! :p
Mohua Mandal
By the time he reached his hotel, Sandipan was ravenously hungry. To his disappointment though, the hotel was not serving non veg that week as Navratri had began and north India shuns any meat for those 10 days. Sandipan, however being a true foodie at heart, looks forward to his Lucknow trips for his share of the speciality kababs. So he set foot the next day determined to make up for the lost dinner. As Sandipan finished working on Saturday, it was time to let his hair loose (only figuratively, for Sandipan has almost an empty scalp ;)). The small joints around Hazratganj make for the best street food hunts in the city. One can enjoy a variety of chats and kababs as well as wholesome food like the famous awadi biryani, chicken/mutton curry and naans. A full meal (as in the picture) can make your wallet lighter by as little as Rs. 200. Of course there are chic restaurants where you will get equally good meals, albeit at a much higher price. But who can beat the taste of a shanty?