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This is a very famous market place which has been existing since the times of the Mughal rulers. This market arena is situated in the heart of the beautiful city of Agra. Here you not only get shops but also shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, offices and so much more. You can take this as the main shopping district when you are in Agra and you can simply get everything you want out here. Starting from sweet shops to the most modern clothings and accessories, you will get everything here.
Shivani Rawat
हज़रतगंज जब तक इमामबाड़ा और रूमी दरवाज़ा से निकली शाम हो चुकी थी और सूरज दुब रहा था। गर्म धूप धीरे धीरे सर्द हवा से डर कर कम हुई जा रही थी और यही वक़्त था जब पेट कुछ गरमा गर्म खाने की तलाश में लखनऊ के सबसे फेमस इलाके हज़रतगंज में ले पहुँचा। वहाँ जाकर मैंने खूब साड़ी चाट खायी। यहाँ की बास्केट चाट काफी फेमस है। और इसके बाद वक़्त आगया था अपना एक सपना पूरा करने का। हज़रतगंज से सिर्फ तीन किलोमीटर दूर नज़ीराबाद में स्थित है दुनिया की सबसे फेमस टुंडे कबाबी की दूकान (रेस्टोरेंट)।
Imran Pathan
Malai Lassi. One of the yummiest
Imran Pathan
Chole bhature
Aashu Jha
8.Hazratganj:- What a place ,its like the heart of the city, truly this is the most happening place in Lucknow. Here you will find almost everything from good restaurant and countless street food joints, cafe houses to high end branded show rooms.The only problem I faced was heavy traffic jam because of ongoing Metro construction in the area.I had some of the best food While wandering around the streets of Hazratganj. As per my recommendation if you are a foodie, and if you haven't tried already , Here are a couple of places that you must try out if you happen to go to Hazratganj, Lucknow:-
6. Hazratganj: buildings here have a colonial touch to them with their balconies and porches. Shops here have black name-boards with white lettering that kind of blends in with the architecture around.