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Sindhudurg Fort

This fort is situated on a rocky island known as Kurte barely a kilometer from Malvan. This fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahraj in the 17th Century when all his trials to win the Janjira Fortress proved to be useless. The main building material was sand that too was brought down from Gujarat. The main strength of this well- preserved fort are the thousands of kilograms of iron used here. The architect under whom the construction took place was known as Hiroji Indulkar and the king also took the advice of hundreds of Portugese experts whom he had invited to his court. A number of people were put to work round the clock for three long years to build this fort. The most attractive feature of this monument is the stretch of zig- zag walls and the pillars and bastions. Inside the fort still live twenty- thirty hereditary Hindu- Muslim families and there are also a number of temples inside. The most important out of all these is the temple where you will find the painting of Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahraj without a moustache. This painting is unique and is not found anywhere else in the world. Nearby this fort, you will also see the Padamgad Fort which is now in ruins.
Niyati Mavinkurve
6. Sindhudurg Fort:The fort was built by the Marathas in 1664 on a small island near Malvan. This is a fort, worth exploring. The fort is in a fairly decent condition and is well maintained. There are guides at the entry who give you the history of the fort and other local tales. This fort is famous for the handprint and footprint of Shivaji Maharaj. Sindhudurg Fort can be reached via boat from Malvan village. Malvan village is 6kms from Tarkarli and is easily accessible by public transport buses.
Back to the hotel via a quick stop for Burji Pav (Scrambled Egg with bread). Checked out from the hotel, thanked the staff for good service and revved towards Sindhudurg Fort. The second day was entirely Ghat road. It was around 300 kilometers of ground to cover but filled with twists and twirling roads due to undulating forests in beautiful Sahyadri Range. We decided to take photos because on Day one was all about Eat-Ride-Ride More-Repeat. First, we stopped on a descend in ghat where sun rays were reaching the ground as golden arrows by pushing the thick canopy away. So Mr photographer(yea that's what Hemant called me at this point of time space continuum) spotted a nice frame and went into 'da lensman' mode with my entry level DSLR. We were enjoying the curves thrown by Amboli Ghat descend and we passed a lot of bridges on perennial rivers. One of the bridge had older bridge beside. Again we stopped there and I took some candid photographs of bike and Hemant. Hemant returned the favor by clicking my favorite pose of presenting a flower to my bike on my knees. Then we reached Sindhudurg Fort, roads were bad on the way to Sindhudurg but the scenery was very good. We went to the ferry point from where a small motorboat takes you to the Sindhudurg fort which is in the middle of the Arabian sea. Frequency was very less(almost like an hour of waiting time and there were already some 30 people waiting for the boat) and they were taking only 10 people at a time so we decided to drop the plan as it was almost noon. So we parked the bikes on the beach sand and did what we were doing all the way since morning, CAPTURE PHOTOS. A couple of riders were there on RE Classic and Mahindra Mojo, one of them came and said 'Hi' (in case if you were that rider who happens to read this blog, just DM me on Instagram). We exchanged pleasantries and parted our way to Vijaydurg.
Srinivas Murthy
The next day, our plan was to visit the beautiful Chivla Beach and then Devbagh Beach. Chivla beach is one of a kind...its a fisherman's cove, but yet you may spend a good time here. We had clicked some pics here and headed towards Devbagh Beach.
We left in the morning to see some places nearby. The one place that you must visit is the huge Sindhudurg Fort in Malvan. It has a rich historical background and it is spectacular. To reach there you have to take a boat ride and it waits for you only for 1 hour.The fort is too huge to see it all in 1 hour and click pictures at the same time. The view that it gives is just beautiful along with its splendid architechture.We left the fort after an hour and went to see the Rock garden.It was an average place with the tetrapod rocks around the sea.We went ahead to a popular restaurant for lunch called Athithi Bamboo, the preparation was definately worth the price and tasty.Also I found a church besides the restaurant Our lady of Rosary Church' which i had read about while researching and I was glad I got to visit that too. We returned back to our resort in the evening and decided to take a dip in the sea as it was our last day at this amazing place and we did not feel like going back. We spent the rest of the day soaking in all that we could from this beautiful place lazing on the hammocks.
TK Iyer
In case you both are adventure lovers, plan a day to go to Sindhudurg fort and there you can do many underwater activities. Though water is not as clean as Thailand, but if you want to enjoy Scuba Diving in cheap rates, it’s worth it. Also, you can do Snorkeling, Parasailing, Kayaking, Water Scooter, Jet Ski, Bumpy Ride and Banana ride. It will cost you around INR 800.00 for Scuba Diving along with CD and INR 700.00 for a package of a few activities combined.
Shreya More
If you are the kind of person who has travelled a lot abroad and gone snorkeling/scuba diving there, then this is something you won’t enjoy. We reached the coast of the beach, I always feel a different calm when I am close to the sea. The vastness of the water terrified me but it was so difficult to be concentrate on anything but the view. A boat was arranged for us and we reached the spot of snorkelling and scuba diving. Just besides the spot The Sindhudurg fort is built on the Kurte Island on over 44 acres of land in Malvan. The stone inscriptions, bastions and the citadels of this fort would definitely transport you to a different land and time altogether. Descendants of Shivaji Maharaj’s era still inhabit this fort and carry forward the traditions of yore to this day. Before going underwater, I was feeling scared and nervous because I actually have a slight to intense fear of deep waters. It was a serious fear for me at first but as we went deeper, my eyes gleamed with beauty and magic. I swear it was a whole new world. Inside, there were colorful sea creatures that vary from sizes to shapes.The coral reefs added elegance and life to the view underwater as we dived deeper. It gave me a glimpse of beauty which is not usually seen. It made me realized that for me to perceive the wonders of the universe, I have to go deeper in life. Be bolder and braver. The sea is lovely as it is. Lovely how calming it can get, how the waves softly fade as it hits the shore but with scuba diving, there’s actually more to love about it. As far as the saying goes, “beauty is skin deep” and so is the sea. What our eyes can perceive superficially is far beautiful with what we can see within. Well to sum it up, truly the best gems in life are worth diving for.
Neha Inaskar
After the diving, we were all hungry. We all jumped into the homemade food again. It was again awesome. Time for the Sindudurg fort, we drove all the way from small, dusky , green clad roads to Sindudurg fort. We reached at 5 O’clock. We hopped into the boat again for the fort. Since it was an evening time, the view at the fort is beautiful. There marine blue sea engrossed us in its charm. I was lost in my feelings over there. The silence and serenity left me completely lost in the surrounding. A must to visit place. It was late in the evening. We had planned to start a return journey to Mumbai, but no one really would like to and it was already late to start with. So we took a homestay at Tarkarli.