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 Footloose Dev
Unlike Berlin, and other big towns like Frankfurt in the west and Stuttgart in south, Rügen can be a great alternative for travellers wanting to understand Germany on a fast track. Because its 926 square kilometer land contain something for everyone: beaches, national parks, luxurious seaside resorts, history, and more importantly — an intense German culture. Often termed as ‘A dream in the middle of the Baltic’, Rügen is also home to some of the world’s rare White Chalk Cliffs and a rarest UNESCO Heritage Beech tree forest reserve. Another distinction is the fact that Rügen is apparently Germany’s biggest island.
Himani Khatreja
The largest island on Germany's northern coast, Rügen is a popular destination known for its resort culture and long, sandy beaches. The Jasmund National Park on the island has been awarded World Heritage status for its remarkable natural beauty, which includes the very famous chalk cliffs that were painted by Caspar David Friedrich. Besides the hiking and surfing opportunities, the beautiful island also has a lot to offer to history buffs.