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Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Earlier known as the Victoria Terminus, This is one of the best examples of Victorian- Gothic art and architecture in India. This terminus is the main reason for Mumbai being the gothic city till today. The combination of European architecture with Indian art is the reason this station is very close to palatial designs found at many places in India. The domes, turrets, walls and the floor planning are all grand. The construction of this terminus started in 1878 and went on for around 10 years. The English architects worked hand-in-hand with Indian artisans and craftsmen to create which is till today a prized possession of Mumbai. The design is also somewhere inspired from Italian Medieval structures.
Offbeat Voyagers
Being working individuals, we boarded the Mangalore Express(12134) at 10 PM from Mumbai CSMT. We were pretty fortunate as we got Tatkal tickets(Rs. 530) in the sleeper coach which went from TQWL 3/4 to confirmed which meant we could enjoy a good night's sleep after a long day at work and wake up to the beauties of nature the next morning.
It was 4.30 in the morning & we were at the base village named Bari. As soon as I got off the bus I found myself in ranges of huge mountains. Most of them were covered with clouds & there was some smell of ground which comes after first rain. It was full dark at the moment but one can easily sense the surroundings. From team @travers, Rugwed & Sudeep given us few instructions regarding Do’s and Don’ts and everyone carefully listened. Around 6.30am everyone has been freshened up and before starting our trek it was mandatory for me to have some food and tea/coffee. And followed by introduction session we started our trek in next 30 minutes.
Mumbai train ride - I went to Mumbai for some shopping on the same weekend after Lavasa. Created the video to show the awesome train journey.
Harshit Rakheja
I was on my way from Mumbai to Kasara for the trek atop mount Kalsubai, the highest peak of Maharashtra. ‘It’s a challenging trek,’ warned my peers. ‘They could have warned me a bit more about the train ride,’ I felt as a bead of sweat trickled down my brow while an inflow of passengers at Dadar pressed me harder against the railing I was leisurely leaning on. To equate this train ride to a full body massage, as I’ve heard people saying, would be to underplay the discomfort I felt for I was being pushed and pressed upon by strangers. I too then felt compelled by my survival instincts to push and shove. Funnily enough, I was spoilt for choice. In many ways, the train ride seemed to be serving as a prelude to the trek. It loosens your muscles, warms you up; maybe, it was a full body massage. It was also a sauna.
Amol Sonawane
Day 1 - Dhule | Nashik | Mumbai