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September - May
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Bimmah Sink hole

Day 13: Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi – Bimmah Sinkhole – Wadi ShabHighlightsWadi Shab: Another very beautiful wadi in the Al Sharqiyah Region in Oman, it is a very popular destination. People come here for the nature, to swim in the fresh water pools or just to have a barbecue. The main attraction of the wadi is the waterfall in the cave that you can reach after a hike of roughly 40 minutes and swimming in 2-3 pools.
Rohan Sood
Bimmah Sink HoleLocated on the highway from Muscat to Wadi Shab, this sinkhole could possibly be one of the most incredible, natural swimming spots I’ve ever come across. The daily mail even called it the world's most beautiful sinkhole. It is surrounded by the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. Its Arabic name, 'Hawaiyat Najm' translates to 'The Falling Star' since a local legend says that it was created by a meteorite! However, scientists have since confirmed that the upper crust layer collapsed due to erosion of limestone with water. I am a sucker for local legends and would like to believe it was indeed a meteorite!This sinkhole is 50-meter-wide and 20-meter-deep and is filled with turquoise water. The pool has hundreds of tiny fish and if you dunk your feet, they won’t hold back from nibbling! Access to the sinkhole is free, and there are picnic and toilet facilities available.
Yukti Arora
7. One the way to the Wadi, lies a sink hole. One minute you will be taking a walk in the park and the next minute you will encounter a very deep sink hole. Its a marvelous sight!!!! You will see people jumping from cliff-top into the pool of water.Oman offers such so much for the thrill-seekers and appreciators of natural wonders!!!Right opposite to the Bimmah sinkhole is a rocky beach, untouched by tourists.