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Istanboly Turkish Restaurant

Vaisakhi Mishra
Let’s talk food – Istanboly! Okay, this might confuse a lot of Omanis as Istanboly is in Muscat, then why make it a separate destination? Well the reason is my friends. They way they talk about the Istanboly Shawarma is as if it comes from some different planet and no matter which Shawarma they eat from which country, they end up comparing it with Istanboly’s product and consider the shawarma as “nowhere close to the delicious Istanboly Shawarma”. So this would be my must eat at destination in Oman. There are a lot of other places that the sultanate has to explore like the Masirah Island, the fabled lost city or Atlantis of the sands, Queen Sheba’s palace and city ruins and many more; but these 10 top my list of “Experience Oman.” Hopefully, I will get to visit all these places some day and have a lot of Baklava, Omani halwa and Chocolate Dates - Yay to my sweet tooth!