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Mattrah Souq

Explore the Mutra souq - For an authentic shopping experience, head over to the commune of Mutrah and its Souq. The bustling marketplace is bursting with a myriad of colourful stalls selling items of clothing, fresh fruit, pottery and the constant clamor will add the old city charm. If you are traveling from India you will find things overpriced here since you get almost all of the things sold there in India and for cheaper.
Aakanksha Magan
End your day navigating through labyrinthine alleys of the famous Muttrah Souk. The streets of this traditional market are sheltered from the sun with carved timber roofs and stained-glass domes. Shop for traditional daggers, copper pots, gold and silver. You can also spot some exquisite Indian merchandise such as kajal and pashmina wear. Must try while shopping on the streets is Omani halwa, a wobbly, jelly-like sweet flecked with nuts and flavoured with rose. It is available with many street vendors throughout the market.Time: Saturday to Thursday, 8am to 1pm and 5pm to 9pm, Friday, 4pm to 9pm.