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Families, Friends, Couples
8 out of 67 attractions in Muscat
Rohan Sood
Qantab is the perfect beach for couples and solo travelers who want to get away from the crowd and spend time by themselves. Local fishermen often offer rides to hidden beaches along the Qantab coast that are otherwise inaccessible by land! If you’re lucky you may even get to see dolphins and tortoises in the wild. Qantab is also ideal place for swimming, snorkeling and barbequing, especially at evening when the sun is bearable. This was one of the highlights of my trip!
Aseem Rastogi
If Qantab Beach in Muscat (the capital city) leaves you dazzled with the beautiful rock formations all around, Mughsayl Beach in Salalah with its blowholes would leave you stunned. But if this was not enough, there's Tiwi Beach which keeps you away from the beaten track with its stunning blue waters and provides a beautiful snorkelling and scuba diving spot off the coast of Oman. For those looking for something else, Ras Al Hadd Beach towards the south of Muscat provides an excellent nesting spot to see turtles lay their eggs.Parks
Yukti Arora
4. Qantab is my favorite beach in Muscat. We rented a speed boat here and went for a cruise around. I could at times compare the experience with Capri island in Italy. The water was crystal clear - different shades of blue and green and there were many cave like structures. We discovered a secluded bay and asked our boat guy to drop us there and pick us after a few hours. This was such a narrow stretch of sand in the middle of the sea, with no-one to be seen around. I am not sure what we would have done if the boat guy would not have come to picked us up. This was one of the highlights of our trip. Do carry snorkeling gear and barbecue to complete the experience.