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Nainital Lake

Nainital is one among the foremost stunning hill stations in India. Encircled by mountains on 3 sides Nainital is found round the stunning lake Naini Tal. This lake resort is settled at a height of 1, 938 meters. There are several legends related to the place, consistent with one, Nainital has derived its name from the god Naina whereas the opposite legend says that once the god Sati lost her eyes, she was being carried by Lord Shiva and a lake was shaped. The majestic mountains and also the sparkling waters of the lake add associate huge heap to the wonder of the city. The town may be a stunning mixture of all the hues of nature. Naini Lake is that the pride of Nainital and also the several gaily colored yachts on the sparkling lake have currently become synonymous with this stunning picture-postcard resort. A national level water travel competition is organized here throughout the season.
• Bike trip in Nainital not only sounds interesting but is really exciting. Rent a bike and just explore the entire town the neighboring places and bring back a lot of memories. The trip will be really breathtaking and adventurous.
Nainital, although small but has a lot to offer that can boost your travel mood and make your short trip worthy. One house spot for everything you are looking for an ideal vacation, Nainital come out as the best place to explore for a short tour. From mountains to the lake, adventure, food and stay, Nainital is the only place that you can explore even as a backpacker or a tourist.So, before planning your trip to the hills of Nainital, just check out what makes it perfect for your weekends.
Akshansh Singh
The first place we visited after reaching there was the famous Naini Jheel which didn’t even required much effort to reach as it was in the middle of the city and closest to the bus stand.
Kunal Kumar
Kirat S
My first surprise in Nainital was the absolutely stunning lake, the lack of tourists and a row of welcoming shops (I enjoy my shopping).The afternoon brought with it a bright, sunny sun (apparently it had rained all morning) and a day full of surprises and stunning beauty. As we stepped outside and saw the grinning lake, I knew I was in love. As debatable as this is, the Naini lake just brings in a sense of peace for me and its beauty surprises me every time I look. We walked along the fenced side, did the touristy boat ride, had an awesome conversation with boat person and fed an absolutely adorable pup.
we reached nainital early in the morning after a hectic bus journey from anand vihar isbt,delhi.bus stand has a number of taxis who drop you to any place for 100-200rs.started our trip with a walk down the the MALL roadsince we went off season it was calm and quiet with shops on one side and lake on the other . we ate in a place called CHANDNI CHOWK , which was decent and had good jalebis. as we walked along the birders of the lake we turned towards the "THANDI SADAK" , A must visit. nothing soothes your soul than a walk on this street .its about a kilometre and it looks like a scenary straight out of novels. we then went to the but famous NAINI lake , situated in the middle of the town . we spent a casual day boating in this sky-line silver lake with a quiet atmosphere . it was around 4 when we decided to get to explore the local culture . we headed to the marketS , although nothing much to shop from we clicked a number of pictures of the local people , architecture and landscape .the tibetan market has good food. since it gets dark soon we headed back to the hotel by 7, freezing cold ,had dinner in the hotel and called it a day.
Monishita Roy
It is a bean-shaped lake situated in the heart of Nainital. Hundreds of tourists, who visit the hill station, do not miss out on this one. Boat rides in the lake are a must do.
Mrittika  Paul
A natural, freshwater body, situated amidst the valley of Nainital, the Naini Lake is the apple of the eye of the town. The pear or crescent shaped lake the most famous piece of attraction in Nainital. According to Hindu mythology, it is the eye of Goddess Sati which fell from her body when Lord Shiva was carrying her corpse on his shoulder. The magnificent, crystal clear, emerald green water body is a soothing balm to all the five senses as well as régal de luxe(luxury treat) to photographers. For a tour around the lake, you can hire either a painted gondola-like boat at Rs. 200 or sail-boats the Nainital Boat Club at Rs. 300. Pedal boats, too, are available at Rs. 150 per hour.
Kushendra Tiwary
The nature so lovely and admirable. Enjoy your boat ride.
Ruchi Jain
Nanital derived it's name from the lake Naini. It is one of the most important tourist spot here. One can enjoy various activities in the lake including that of yachting, boating and paddling. There are various crocodiles in the lakes because the water is too deep though they don't come out of the surface. The lake has two parts which are Mallital which is the north end of the lake and Tallital which is the south end. There are various shops for shopping scattered at both the ends. The sunset is very pleasing and one can spend an entire day here. It is surrounded by lush green trees and cold chilly mornings. There are various boats or shikaras here to move in the lake.
Sattanurupa Saha
Naini Lake is situated in the heart of the city. It is the eye – shaped lake which is the tourist hotspot and it acts as a magnet for all. It has earned respect since beginning and even the district is named after this enchanting lake. The heart of the place is a ravishing lake showering its beauty with pristine and stagnant water amidst seven mountains that are named as ‘Sukhatal’, ‘Narain Nagar’, ‘Charkhet’, ‘Saritatal’, ‘Khurpatal’, ‘Mangoli’ and ‘Ghatghar’ touching the sky. Naini lake is divided into two parts ‘Mallital’ and ‘Tallital’. The northern end of the lake is called ‘Mallital’ and the southern end is called ‘Tallital’. Both ends of the Naini lake have shopping centers with luxury and varied shops. The perimeter of the Naini Lake is 3.5 kilometers. People can explore the lake from one end to another watching the dynamic sun setting for the dusk providing peace and tranquility. During the night time, when the lights of the houses, cottages and hotels situated on the mountains covering Nainital reflects upon it, the lake makes the view invigorating on its majestical height. During night, it feels like there is a city underneath the stagnant water of Naini lake. The lake offers ample opportunities for yachting, boating and paddling facilities.
Vipul Mehta
Boating in the Nainital Lake is a calming experience. You can choose between a self driven peddle or a pilot ridden one. Cost - Rs 200 for a four person boat for an hour. I personally liked the pedal boat without the pilot. Here’s a tip of riding the pedal boat: Don’t try to pedal too hard, it will only tire you. Pedal as if you’re walking and the boat will sail as smooth as silk!
ikshita tewari
After having lunch at a Tibetan restaurant and shopping at the Mall Road, we booked our evening for boating in the NAINITAL LAKE. BOATING is very famous in these hill stations. Tourists hire peddlers and shikaras - the two kinds of boats available- and spend their evenings enjoying the beauty of the hills and the weather. This was our last spot before we head back to our city in the early hours of the next morning.