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Nainital Lake

Nainital is one among the foremost stunning hill stations in India. Encircled by mountains on 3 sides Nainital is found round the stunning lake Naini Tal. This lake resort is settled at a height of 1, 938 meters. There are several legends related to the place, consistent with one, Nainital has derived its name from the god Naina whereas the opposite legend says that once the god Sati lost her eyes, she was being carried by Lord Shiva and a lake was shaped. The majestic mountains and also the sparkling waters of the lake add associate huge heap to the wonder of the city. The town may be a stunning mixture of all the hues of nature. Naini Lake is that the pride of Nainital and also the several gaily colored yachts on the sparkling lake have currently become synonymous with this stunning picture-postcard resort. A national level water travel competition is organized here throughout the season.
Sakshi Sharma
After visiting Bhimtal lake,we went Nainital which is 21 km from Bhimtal.After reaching Nainital, we enjoyed boat ride in Nainital lake about an hour. Here, you can feel the fresh air and beautiful view of hills.
Patrick Rajput
When you enter the beautiful town of Nainital, the first glimpse is of Naini Lake. The tranquil water in the center of the township with boating facility is one of the perfect spots to enjoy a mixture of idyllic and relaxation after travel, and the view from the center of the lake towards the city is extremely dreamy for any time of the day.
crazy interest
Rain ! Rain ! Rain ! Clouds ! Clouds ! Clouds !
Since it had rained, pedal boats were not operational leaving us with the only option to board the row boat. Boatman Naveen Joshi, a smart educated gentleman, shared a lot of stories about Nainital. The boat floated on water like a little mermaid, wading through the gentle waves as Naveen skillfully oared it. Expressing his concern over ecological depletion coupled with corruption and politics, he said there is a dire need of saving all natural resources for the world to survive. We could not agree more. A graduate from Nainital College, Naveen is also a part time trekking and swimming coach. The talented man really impressed us.
Nidhi Gupta
To avoid the rush and to fully get absorbed in the nature’s lap, we opted to do boating at the Naini lake in the evening around 6 PM. Since this is the closing hour, the boat riders will not rush in completing the round to get their next customers, so purchase your tickets, sit back and just breathe in the fresh air and get a complete view of the city.