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9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
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Enjoy vegetarian food at its best. Each and every item that you get over here is purely vegetarian. This is done keeping in mind a large number of Jain clientele that the food does not even include onions and garlic.
December - May
Friends, Families, Couples
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Gali Paranthe Wali

Also known as Gali Paranthewali, this is one of the most attractive by lanes of Old Delhi. Earlier kmown as the Gariba Dalan, this is where you will find old shops selling a variety of delicious paranthas. The specialty is that the stuffing put into these has unique flavors and combinations. This place was earlier a normal market place full of shops selling sarees and jewelry before the paratha sellers moved into this place. The lane is so famous that many celebrities visit this place regularly. It is said that the aroma of the yummy fried delicacies does not let you pass this lane without trying something from here. Jawaharlal Nehru and his family were regular customers here. the main flavors added to the paranthas here are of mint, different vegetables, cashew, khoya, mahwa and parat. The shops also sell yummy sweet dishes. Another remarkable development is that these shops have now partly switched on to the e-commerce world with online ordering services. Many other restaurants are trying to take inspiration from the environment of this place but the originality always serves the best.
Gyayak Jain
Wondering around these lanes, I lost the sense of direction and after passing through Kinari Bazar, I reached Parathewali Gali. The last time I came here, it wasn't a very good experience as the shops were very crowded. But this time, they were inviting. I ordered Tomato Paratha for myself and it was amazing. However, the lassi wasn't that good.
8. Paranthe at Paranthewali gali
Nayana Roychoudhury
The perfect place to suffice your great Indian hunger at the small Indian budget.Tag along with friends to enjoy the delicious lassi and varied paranthas at any of the age old shops of the place.Expect a pure vegetarian meal with the best of the ingredients.
Nancy Nance
It's a narrow street in Chandani Chowk, famous because of a shop selling paranthas ( a fried Indian bread) and the varieties include fillings like khoya, badaam, dal, matar.
Srishti Mehta
From the entire day’s journey under Delhi’s dust and heat, we finally relieved our hunger in Purani Dilli’s famous Paranthe Wai Gali (literally ‘the bylane of fried bread’) which is a narrow food street in Chandini Chownk noted for small shops selling Delhi’s best paranthas (fried bread).