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11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
All year
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Janpath Market

This is the stretch where you can enjoy street shopping at its best. This lane is full of small stalls who where you mostly get garments and curios. The materials are mostly stock surplus and thus are sold at extremely cheap rates. The people who came and settled down here during partition and are refugees make a major part of the sellers. The other part is of those Tibetans who came down from their country due to the invasion of China. The Tibetan shops are where you get the best thangkas, curios, brassware and other Tibetan traditional articles. The shops here also sell a lot of pretty junk jewelry with semi- precious stones studded on them. The two qualities you have to have when coming here are firstly to be able to judge which are fake and which are genuine and also how to bargain patiently till you get your thing at the best rates. On the other side of the lane you will see various famous shops too.
Srishti Mehta
Janpath Market, the most popular place for street shopping in Delhi, is situated opposite the famous Connaught Place, in New Delhi. This is one of the markets in Delhi where you will get a mix of fixed small shops and local stalls. Here you’ll find the latest fashion goods all decorated in the pomp and glory of their arrival, embellishing the entire market. Other than the fixed small shops and local stalls, there are also local cloth/Mojari or Jutti (a Punjabi or Rajisthani footwear)/purse and other handicraft artisans sitting between the lanes of fixed shops. Their embroidered stuff is amazing. Their products are mostly traditional but worth souvenirs to be stored in your backpack in case you want to keep a piece of the ‘trendy Delhi’ with you while shopping in Delhi. There is one thing that should be kept in mind is that there is no limit to bargain here. This place, is very similar to a wholesale markets in Delhi. The more interested you are in a good the better bargain tactics you should behold to be the proud owner of the goods! Prices sometime fall beyond the half of the ‘fixed prices’ set by the shopkeepers. From a budget traveler to foreign tourists to the people of Delhi, you’ll find all kinds of people there and it amusing to see them bargain with the shopkeepers and come out victorious with bags filled with fairly cheap yet fashionable stuff and make it an incredible day, shopping in Delhi. Timing: Monday- Saturday, 10.30 am to 7.30 pm
Prateek Dham
9. Janpath Market
Sreshti Verma
5. Get your shopping fix at the flea market of Sarojini Nagar and JanpathIf you have been in Delhi even once then you are aware of the fandom around Sarojini Nagar and Janpath. Going shopping here is like volunteering for a treasure hunt and for the shopping lovers in Delhi, this is one of the most fun things to do in Delhi especially on the weekend. To avoid the crowd, I suggest you make a trip during a weekday. Picking some sub-standard things on the way, you will probably make your way to the most remarkable find.
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Priyam Bagga
One of the oldest markets in Delhi, this one is very popular among foreign tourists.
Nancy Nance
Located in Connaught Place, you can find different kinds of accessories, utilities for home decor and clothes. It is mainly famous for the handicrafts and antique items.
Srishti Mehta
This market is a mix of fixed small shops and local stalls. You'll find fairly cheap clothes, handicrafts, bags and jewellery here. From traditional to western, all kinds of good stuff is available here at reasonable prices which are 'highly bargain-able'.