Shopping in Delhi: The City's Best Bargaining Zones


I am not a brand person, at least until I can't assess the quality myself. So this part is for those who know what they want and how it should be, not for the ones who like it hanging on a mannequin. Old Delhi, for me, is the heart of Delhi. I can sense how our ancestors were until the 90s. Let me take you all to the 'Bargaining Zones'.

Chandni Chowk

There's a narrow lane that opens to the Chandni Chowk metro station. At the beginning is a Chaat Joint, replenish your taste bud with the yummy and delicious Aloo Chaat, and then enter the lane and look out for ladies Suit-materials at comparatively low prices.


Famous for its shoes wholesale market, but only for the retailers who purchase in bulk. But there are few shops open for customers. To reach here, take a rickshaw from Chandni Chowk Metro Station and don't be surprised if you find a pair of fair quality shoes in merely Rs. 250, or a silver Peep-toe with a bow tie in just Rs. 200.

Azad Market (near Tis Hazari metro station)

Fill your kitchen with attractive but reasonable-priced crockery from Azad Market. The collection is huge: from artistic to ethnic to modern style.

Sadar Bazaar

It is famous for its varieties of items available at 'Thok-Ke-Bhaao', including stuff to organize theme parties or cute or glittery decorative items for the home. And not to forget, good quality studded bangles!

Bartan Market

Yeah, it is self-explanatory to acquire ilk of utensils. But what attracts more is a shop that sells great quality self-made purses and bags, that wouldn't let anyone enter a showroom again: Sylvia (#479). What's the Catch?? THE PRICE!!!!

Janpath to CP

The Janpath market lane is at a walking distance from the newly made Janpath metro station. The street is filled with everything: clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, junk jewelry, just carry the eagle eyes along. The accessories shop to the left, little ahead of the entrance is a must-go-to for any accessory for just Rs. 30 only. Although one can find the same at selected locations of Central Market too.Out of the lane, walking towards CP, stop at the Regal Building, named after the movie theater "Regal". It is one of those colonial times infrastructures, the height, and style of the shop doors tells it all as if entering a British office. A bag store in the building is great to look around for leather purses and even travel bags: good quality and very reasonable price. On the street are again the accessories sellers: cheap, glittery, colorful and stylish.Further ahead, in front of the Khadi store, at the corner should be the next stoppage to buy dresses and stylish tops ranging from Rs. 150 to 250. I guess Honey Singh hasn't visited this place yet; otherwise, it wouldn't really go like 'Sarojani ke kapde pehenkr jaati madam disco..' (wears clothes from Sarojani to go to disc).

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