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Tamsui Old Street

Megan Faustine
 Walk along the Tamsui old street near the river, and you’ll find a ticket stall that sell a return ticket to Fisherman Wharf by using a boat. In Tamsui old street, you can find a unique person that is look alike with a statue (the gesture, everything).It is so interesting to see. Not only that, Tamsui is famous for the very long ice cream cone. The taste is so-so, but you can take a nice picture with it! It’s very cheap though, only NT 25. Again, there’s a lot of food stall along the Tamsui old street that you need to try ! Not only that, there’s also bag and fashion store along the way, and the price is worth it. If you walk along the river, you will feel that you’re not in Taipei anymore. I don’t know if it’s only me or not, but the atmosphere is really calm here in Tamsui.
Shenesse Chieng
The most exciting part about traveling in Taiwan is to visit their famous night markets which are located everywhere in Taiwan, mostly near to train stations, the night market food tastes heavenly, you will come back becoming a fatty. Another must-visit-place is their old streets like jiufen, shifen, tam shui and many more, to experience a total different kind of Chinese old and traditional culture. All the places are reachable by taking public transport like train, bus or cab.
Start your journey at Tamshui Old Street where you are surrounded yet by another rows of street foods and moving on to some of the gaming stations at the waterfront. Beside the street foods, if you’re adventurous, you can look out for “Museum of the Strange” where they exhibits different strange yet interesting animals such as two headed bats, long neck turtles, heart shaped shell turtle and structures such as water running down the tap which is hanging from mid air, so where is that water source?! After you are done with the Tamshui Old Street, you can either choose to walk or take a bus to theFisherman’s Wharf. If you choose to walk, you will of course be rewarded with other scenery and attractions along the way such as the Pier, Fort San Domingo. The best time to plan your trip to Tamshui will be sometime in the afternoon where you will start with the street and catch the evening sun at horizon at the Fisherman’s Wharf.8.Soak yourself in the hotspring of Beitou
7.Enjoy the love down the streets of Tamshui to Fisherman’s Wharf
Vishwanath Puttagunta
It is known as the Lover's bridge Best Sunset I've seen so far