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Keelung City

Jenny McIver
I just had one day in Taipei but it was a great one. I took the metro all over the city and squeezed in as much as I could. Taiwan’s political situation is complex. In recent years, Taiwan has embraced its native culture and ushered in an era of growing “Taiwanization” in politics. The country's economy has done extremely well though, putting Taiwan in the "4 Asian Tigers" of the region. Anxious to explore this “Asian Tiger,” my first stop was walking distance from my hotel, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Encompassing the National Theater, National Concert Hall, Chiang Kai-shek Gate and Memorial, the plaza was packed with people on this Saturday afternoon. The Chinese architecture of all 4 buildings was ornate and vibrantly colorful and the plaza elaborately landscaped, it was a beautiful area to wander around.My next stop required a little navigation of the Taipei metro system. It turned out to be pretty simple and at only $.60 per ride, quite a bargain. My destination was Taipei 101, the city’s iconic skyscraper and – until the opening of the Burj Dubai – the world’s tallest building.
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Vicky Chong
Toayuan Valley is located at YiLan, at the north eastern tip of Taiwan island. A new tunnel cuts the travelling time from Taipei city to YiLan to one hour, increasing tourism to this area. Previously, one had to drive around the coast which took 4-5 hours. What I had thought was a light walk turned out unexpectedly to be a treacherous climb not unlike my climb to Mt Kinabalu in June. Among the group of friends Ainee had gathered, two had climbed this hill before and acted as our guides. The rest, six of us were newbies. After a continuous uphill climb, one had to turn back 500 meters to our climb. Mike came prepared with only a pair of hiking boots. His cotton tee shirt and denim long sleeves were soaked with perspiration. We only carried our own bottle of water, but unknown to us, the rest were carrying loads- packets of rice rolls, bananas, guavas, bottled teas. We stopped often to take group photos and to eat so as to lighten the load.