Taipei in 6 days

1st Apr 2014
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 1/9 by Huixin
Taroko Gorge
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 2/9 by Huixin
Liyu Lake
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 3/9 by Huixin
Chingshui Cliff
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 4/9 by Huixin
Shifen Waterfall
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 5/9 by Huixin
Shifen Sky Lantern
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 6/9 by Huixin
Jiufen Sunset
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 7/9 by Huixin
Yun Shan Shui
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 8/9 by Huixin
Chishingtan Beach
Photo of Taipei in 6 days 9/9 by Huixin

We did a 3km nature walk at Taroko Gorge. Weather was so awesome that we didn't even perspire a single bit.

Photo of Taroko National Park, Xiulin Township, Taiwan by Huixin

Less than twenty kilometers from Hualien City, Liyu Lake (鯉魚潭) is the largest lake in eastern Taiwan. Various activities you can enjoy in this area include boat cycling on the lake or a bicycle tour encircling around the lake.

Photo of Liyu Lake by Huixin

Chishingtan Beach七星潭 is a beautiful beach along the Pacific Ocean. It is said that the beach has small pebbles and rocks which was washed down from Taroko Gorge instead of the usual sand. From Chishintan, you can look out to the Pacific Ocean, and on a windy day like this, the waves were quite strong thus no one was in the water. The area is also lined with a nice bike path which goes along the beach.

Photo of Chishingtan Beach by Huixin

Yun Shan Shui was named with the very simple fact that this location is exactly as its name. Loosely translated as Clouds, Mountains and Water; this is the exact picturesque that one will see on a beautiful clear day.

Photo of Yun Shan Shui by Huixin

Qingshui Cliff, located on the section of the Suao-Hualien Highway that stretches between Heping and Chongde stations, is one of the most spectacular sights on Taiwan's Pacific coast. The cliff is more than 1,000 meters high and drops almost vertically into the sea. The highway snakes along its curving face more than 20 kilometers, with the sheer cliff rising on one side and a sheer drop to the ocean on the other.

Photo of Ch'ing-shui Cliff, 和平村, Taiwan by Huixin

Shifen waterfall is a scenic waterfall located in Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, on the upper reaches of the Keelung River. The falls' total height is 20 meters (66 feet) and 40 meters in width, making it the broadest waterfall in Taiwan. It is a cascade waterfall in which the water flows in one direction and the rock is sloped in the opposite.Shifen is also popular for releasing sky lantern. Every year, on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, thousands of people will gather at Pingxi for the annual Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival. People write their wishes on these lanterns, which will then carry their prayers to the sky. Luckily, one need not wait for the annual Lantern Festival to release sky lanterns - it is now a commercialized activity that you can also do it anytime.

Photo of Shifen Waterfall, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan by Huixin
Photo of Shifen Waterfall, Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan by Huixin

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf is a scenic spot at the western tip of Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Its predecessor was the "Tamsui Second Fishing Port" on the right bank of the Tamsui river estuary, an important fishing harbor in the early history of north Taiwan. The Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf is well known by its beautiful sunset and fresh seafood. While having sightseeing and leisure facilities, it still holds its functionality as a harbor for fishing boats.

Photo of Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf by Huixin