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September - May
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Aakanksha Magan
Come back to the city and proceed to the Nizwa Fort. Built in the mid-17th century, Nizwa Fort stands tall, and serves as a reminder of how and why Nizwa once served as Oman’s capital and was also its strongest city. Thick walls surround it and a 112-foot central tower dominates it. The fort is built like a typical Omani fortress, characterised by geometric layouts.Price: Adults, 1 OMR (₹170); Children, 0.50 OMR (₹85)Time: Saturday to Thursday, 9am – 4pm. Friday, 8am to 11am.
Vaisakhi Mishra
Forts Forts and more Forts I have a weird inclination towards forts due to the Rajasthan lover in me, so how could I let go of the Omani forts - Nizwa fort, Bahla fort and Castle of Jabreen. Unlike Indian forts, these are made of mud and sand and are brilliant examples of Arabic interiors. Also Nizwa is famous for the single largest falaj in Oman.
Chaitali Patel
A short drive from Muscat through the scenic Hajar mountains takes one to the 17th century Nizwa Fort. Located amidst the gorgeous sand coloured mountains, the ancient city of Nizwa is a sight to behold. The souqs of Nizwa and the Friday goat market are other must sees here, and I would like to experience both.