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Vaisakhi Mishra
The historical town of Sur is one of the most well formed natural harbors of Oman. It has some well known castles – the Sunaysilah Fort and the Ras al Hadd Castle, which are not as grand as Jabreen Castle, but are beautiful none the less. Sur is also the best place to go for turtle watching, the turtle beach aka Ras al Hadd being the best site. The view of the azure waters with tiny and huge turtles running around the shore is something you wouldn’t want to miss. And to go to Sur and not have fish or lobsters would be a shame as Sur’s rich marine life is something they are definitely proud of. On the way to Sur is also the demon hole aka Bimmah Sink hole, which is considered are one of the prettiest land sink holes in the world. The locals believe it is created by some meteorite impact but scientifically it is formed due to mineral cave disintegration. Regardless of its formation and origin story, it is a place worth visiting.
Chaitali Patel
One of the prettiest coastal towns in Oman, Sur has a rich history and past, as well as the charm and allure of a small seaside town. The coast and trading have always been an integral and vital part of Oman. Dhows (an all wooden traditional Arabian ship) made in this small nation were sought after the world over. Today, Sur has the only remaining Dhow-building yard of its kind in the world.