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Pykara Lake

Located in the main hill station of the Nilgiris which is Ooty, this is a lean and large lake. People come here for site- seeing, photography or boating usually. Other than this, picnics are a common site here because spending fun time with the family amidst such natural beauty is sheer happiness. There is also a boat house here from where you can hire boats. You get an option when it comes to the type of boats. You can anything from speedboats to the normal ferry boats. The latter can usually carry about 8 persons which means the whole family can enjoy a boat trip together.
Aishwarya Kamble
One of the most mystical destinations of Ooty is the Pykara Lake and Falls. The gushing sound of water and cold breeze is enticing.
Shweta Yadav
After breakfast, we checked out from the homestay and proceeded to Ooty. On the way we visited Pykara lake ( from Coorg- 6 hrs).Pykara lake is a natural lake with a huge amount of water & pine trees surrounding. One will love boating in this lake. Pykara falls near to the lake is a superb place for photography.
Chaitali Chatterjee
Pykara Lake. Its huge and beautiful. You can enjoy the speed boat or normal boats, which takes you around the lake.
Sukhpal Singh
9th mile: The mesmerizing view of green meadows stretching out against the higher peaks, which are covered with floating clouds. The changing colors of sky around sunset, blows off your mind. This is an ideal spot where you can sit down and get washed away with the sweet breeze. (These views are somewhat similar to Switzerland).
My adventure planet
We took the long route through Mudimalai national park as we planned because there are more spots to see on the way. On the way we saw the beautiful pykara lake and pykara falls. There was speed boat service in pykara lake which is really worth for adrenaline rush. Sad thing is we couldn't do it because we don't had enough cash in our wallets and they don't have any system to do card payment. It is some what in the middle of the jungle so you won't get any alternate option. So make sure to keep enough money before leavening ooty town or else you will miss these all fun like us. We just took a normal boating service to have a closer look of the lake. If you are lucky enough you can see elephants too. After that we went to see the pykara falls. From road we have to walk a bit through a muddy path to reach the pykara falls. It is also a visual treat.