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Disney's Magic Kingdom

Michael Pargal
This one day made our entire 17hour flight to Orlando worth it. I'm so happy we saved the best for last. The Magic Kingdom is just that - magical! The minute you walk through the gates, you are transported to Disney idyll. From the buildings to the streets and the people - everything is perfectly out of a Disney movie. It is also the busiest of all the parks so try and get there early. The two things that made this day were first, meeting Mickey for a celebrity autograph - after a 55min wait in line to see him, believe me, he really is a celebrity! And second, the fireworks display at night. The show is called 'when you wish upon a star' and it is nothing short of spectacular. Be sure to stay back after dark for this. Disneyworld is the second largest consumer of explosives after the military in the U.S. and the fireworks display is testament to that disturbingly impressive fact.Must-Dos: Everything! But definitely Magic mountain, it's a small world, nighttime fireworks and Meet MickeyTip: If you have an extra night, you can take a private boat from the Contemprary resort to the middle of the lake to watch the fireworks. A friend gifted this to us and it was surreal!Eat At: Plaza restaurantRank: Unequivocally #1In sum, Disneyland was a fantastic choice for a honeymoon. We got to be kids for a week and it's given us a lifetime of silly smiles for every time someone asks "So what did you do for your honeymoon?"