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Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheoplari Tsho is a huge lake found 27 kms from Pelling and is a very common visitor touring point. The lake is thought to be one of the sacred pools of Sikkim. The lake stays covered up in the rich forest spread. It is said that birds don't allow even a solitary leaf to glide on the Khecheoplari lake surface. There is a motorable street from Pelling straight up to the lake area. The spot is well known among trekkers. There is also a mobile trail from Pelling to Khecheoplari (5 hours). It is also possible to trek to Yuksom from Khecheoplari which takes 4 hours. For those keen on spending a night or two in this spot, there are a couple of basic inns in the town close-by. There is also a traveler's hut intended to give housing to the general population who go on pilgrimage trips to visit Khecheoplari. The tour begins at Pelling and proceeds through Darap Village and Rimbi falls before coming to Khecheoplari.
Madhuri Palaji
My next stop was Khecheopalri Lake. It's the holy place for Buddhists. The nature surrounding was picturesque. This beautiful spot kind of rebooted my soul, I must say. The dogs near this place were very friendly. I enjoyed the calmness and serenity for a while and got myself ready to the next stop.
Disha Kapkoti
खेचेओपेरी झीलयुकसोम से २ घंटे की दूरी में है खेचेओपेरी झील. सिक्किम आने वाले अधिकतर यात्री इस छोटे से गांव के बारे में कम ही जानते हैं पर जो एक बार यहाँ आ जाता है, वो लौट कर बार बार आता है. इस छोटी सी झील का आकार एक पद्चिन्हा सा है. हिन्दू और बौद्ध मान्यताओं में इस झील के बारे में अलग अलग कहानियां हैं. आस पास रहने जाते बौद्ध मानते हैं के ये झील देवी तारा जेत्सुन डोमा का पद्चिन्हा है. कहानियां और भी हैं.
Disha Kapkoti
Khecheopalri Lake is an upcoming destination on the tourist map. It's a footprint-shaped lake that is home to densely forested area and unparalleled biodiversity. If you take a day trip from Yuksom to Khecheopalri, take a hike to the view point through the ridge surrounding Khecheopalri Lake and reach a certain view point from where the lake appears to be in the shape of a footprint. You can also take a short hike to the monastery here. Local contact for hikes in Khecheopalri: Latup - +91- 8145702994
Ishvani Hans
Following this our target was Khecheopalri Lake. It is said that herein wishes are granted. You would wanna try though.