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Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheoplari Tsho is a huge lake found 27 kms from Pelling and is a very common visitor touring point. The lake is thought to be one of the sacred pools of Sikkim. The lake stays covered up in the rich forest spread. It is said that birds don't allow even a solitary leaf to glide on the Khecheoplari lake surface. There is a motorable street from Pelling straight up to the lake area. The spot is well known among trekkers. There is also a mobile trail from Pelling to Khecheoplari (5 hours). It is also possible to trek to Yuksom from Khecheoplari which takes 4 hours. For those keen on spending a night or two in this spot, there are a couple of basic inns in the town close-by. There is also a traveler's hut intended to give housing to the general population who go on pilgrimage trips to visit Khecheoplari. The tour begins at Pelling and proceeds through Darap Village and Rimbi falls before coming to Khecheoplari.
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Jayashree Sengupta
Following this our target was Khecheopalri Lake. It is said that herein wishes are granted. You would wanna try though.
Dheeraj Kumar
3) Khecheoparli LakeThen we proceed towards this lake which is called as magical and wish fulfilling lake by the locals. Entry Fee - 30/- per person ..
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2. People make travel beautiful. You will find wonderful people in Sikkim
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Khecheopalri Lake: Located 34 kms to the northwest of Pelling town, Khecheopalri lake is a revered lake. It is considered sacred by both Buddhists and Hindus. Set amidst beautiful broad-leaved mixed temperate forests, the lake is believed to be a wish fulfilling lake. It is believed that birds do not permit even a single leaf to float on the Khecheopalri lake, and as soon as a leaf falls, it is carried away by the birds.The lake and the surrounding forests make a pristine milieu. The pathway leading to the lake is flanked by huge trees decorated with garlands of prayer flags. A uninterrupted solitude engulfs the whole whole place, punctuated only by the welcome songs of the Himalayan birds. A small Buddhist shrine located on the lake shore enhances the serenity of the lake. One can simply sit and while away hours by the lake shore and feel connected with mother nature.
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Khecheopalri Lake is also known as 'Wishing Lake'. It is believed that once a Lepcha girl was blessed by lake goddess (TARA) and gave her a precious gem which was mistakenly fallen into this lake and never found. So locals believed that Lake had some powers hidden in it and so this lake is wish fulfilling lake. Myth of stone arrangement Myth that how effectively you support stones over stones without making them fall is the comparative height of your home (number of storeys) in coming future. You can see what I had made , a large storey of stones. I wish I could get that much big house. wink) wink) Finally I would say that Sikkim is a magnificent hill station of India. It has every reason to be called as nature's personified. It's hills, snow capped mountains, beautiful frozen lakes and lush green waterfalls and forests, all of these makes it a perfect vacation paradise. Finally my instagramming Sikkim: Tsomgo Lake, Namchi and Pelling comes to an end. Camera used: Fujifilm's Digital Camera FinePix S1000fd at f/5 and 6mm focal length. I'm burning with curiosity to know, have you being to Sikkim? Do you want to visit Sikkim now? Just comment and share your feelings regarding Sikkim with me....This post was originally published on Road Aviator.
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Take a Day HikeMountains here are criss-crossed by foot trails used by locals to commute between villages. For me that means a great opportunity to walk through the wilderness, exploring scenery and abundance of plant & animal life throughout.You would find plenty of places to capture through your lenses; Walk from Yuksom to Khecheopalri Lake and Tashiding are particularly picturesque, as are short walks around the town of Ravangla.
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The ultimate peace maker
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This lake is very peaceful place. It is in foot shape. Many stories are said for this great place.
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Wanderland allert! You will check into your small room adorned with only a few words carved by tourists who stayed there and as you step outdoors you will be looking at exquisite outdoor tents with morning tea and kids basking in the early morning sun. Monks walking through the village would tour you around the lake, monastery and the ruins of stupas.