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Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheoplari Tsho is a huge lake found 27 kms from Pelling and is a very common visitor touring point. The lake is thought to be one of the sacred pools of Sikkim. The lake stays covered up in the rich forest spread. It is said that birds don't allow even a solitary leaf to glide on the Khecheoplari lake surface. There is a motorable street from Pelling straight up to the lake area. The spot is well known among trekkers. There is also a mobile trail from Pelling to Khecheoplari (5 hours). It is also possible to trek to Yuksom from Khecheoplari which takes 4 hours. For those keen on spending a night or two in this spot, there are a couple of basic inns in the town close-by. There is also a traveler's hut intended to give housing to the general population who go on pilgrimage trips to visit Khecheoplari. The tour begins at Pelling and proceeds through Darap Village and Rimbi falls before coming to Khecheoplari.
Khecheopalri Lake has been around for 3,500 years and is located at a height of 5,600 feet. It is also known as the residence of Padmasambhava, an 8th-century guru who is thought to be Lord Buddha's second incarnation.The entrance to the lake goes to its central point through a wooden jetty embellished with prayer wheels, serving as a magical pilgrimage place for both Hindus and Buddhists. The Tibetan flags' flurries create a lovely entrance portal decorated with bamboo and temperate trees. The lake's surrounding foliage creates a perfect recreation area that is difficult to avoid.The lake appears to be shaped like a foot from an acclivity. Since 3,000 years ago, there has been a widely held belief in the area that Lord Shiva meditated in the cave above the lake, thus the footprint. Buddhists believe that this notion, which is held by Hindus, is the goddess Tara's footprint.According to folklore, the area should be free of any dirt, trash, or leaves. The lake appears to be unaltered despite being hidden by dense bushes and hedges. The birds continuously swoop up and down to gather whatever debris lands on the surface. If you went to this enchanted lake, you would never see a leaf float on the water.
Kinjal Gala
A 10 minute hike later, you will discover this hidden lake surrounded by hundreds of prayer flags. This lake is also famous for feeding fishes if that interests you. Overall it's quite a serene and calm place to spend some time.
Debarghya Meikap
The next place we visited was Khechuperi Lake. It's a sacred lake. Locals believe that, if you pray for a wish with an honest mind here, your wish will be reality. From the gate, you need to walk a km to reach the lake. the pathway to reach the lake is fabulous On both sides of the path there are big green trees. The colourful Buddhist flags add more contrast to it.
Sandhya Chaudhary
Khecheopalri lake is situated 34 km Northwest of Pelling town. The lake is located in the idyllic corner of the forest and almost completely quiet. It is considered to be sacred by both Buddhist and Hindus. Local people also believe it to be a wish fulfilling lake. We came to know about an interesting fact that you won't see a single leaf floating in the lake even though it is surrounded by trees. The birds pick the leaf as soon as they drop into the lake surface. The pathway to the lake is covered with huge trees and prayer flags. One can definitely feel themselves close to nature.
3) Khecheoparli LakeThen we proceed towards this lake which is called as magical and wish fulfilling lake by the locals. Entry Fee - 30/- per person ..