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National Naval Aviation Museum

yokesh babu
Naval Aviation Museum:India's one and only Naval Museum is located in Goa near Goa International Airport.The Museum initially had a small collection of 6 aircraft of World War II vintage - Sealand, Alize, Dove, Vampire, Sea Hawk and Hughes Helicopter. Today there are 15 types of aircraft at the museum and wide-ranging exhibits including a scaled model of the aircraft carrier INS Viraat, complete with a ski-jump runway, and Sea Harrier jump jets on its deck. The museum also preserves the historic Super Constellation aircraft, which paved way for Indian Navy to take over Maritime Patrol duties from the Indian Air Force.It would not be possible to describe in detail here, the wealth of information at the museum except to say that if you are a historian, an aviation enthusiast, or just plain curious to learn more about naval aviation, be prepared to spend at least a few hours here!And don't go there on Monday- it's Holiday. Houses of Goa:The museum is built on a traffic island in Torda, Salvador-do-Mundo, Goa.Strangely enough, it is in the shape of a triangle and resembles a ship.Viewed from the outside it is a mystery, but as you begin your visit, it slowly unfolds its charms.The museum has the wide collections of pictures of Goan House which is a treat to watch.It is located at the distance of five km from Panjim.