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Central Market

Vikram Mn
The heat was scorching but still we started to walk to explore Central Market. Luckily found a shopping mall on the way to it, called as Vattanac Capital, the design of which was exquisite. Without even thinking, we got into it. The AC was so relaxing. We spent a good amount of time inside. Went to explore Bang and Olufsen speaker complex. It's definitely not affordable and we just went to inquire but people were so sweet to explain to us about it. We further proceeded towards the basement and saw a cute little cake in Dance Bakery and Café, we decided to buy it for our anniversary celebration. We took to the front door, had a seat overlooking the road and heat and celebrated our anniversary. The best way to celebrate and we were very happy.
Jemima Durnford
After this horrifying insight into the history of Cambodia we decided to visit this huge shopping dome called Central Market, which we thought would be selling lots of interesting crafts and textiles but in fact it was filled in every direction with stalls selling watches. After a few minutes we were bored so decided to do some food shopping instead, best decision we made as we stocked up on donuts and pastry's to take back to the hostel and indulged in some ice-cream which we hadn't had in ages!Later that evening we headed out in search of some good street food and came across this make shift shack, only 2 minutes from our hostel. For $2 we got soup, rice and a meat dish, it was so delicious and it was great not to be surrounded by other travellers and experience eating with all the friendly locals. As we were eating the heavens opened and there was the most incredible thunderstorm. One man started to dance in the pouring rain and all the locals where laughing and kept shouting "Crazy Man!" It was such a fun evening.The next day we decided to go and see S21 and the Killing Fields, another harrowing place. Outside our hostel were a number of tuk tuk drivers waiting for business, shouting and waving their arms like we hadn't noticed them. We walked over to them asking for prices and knew what we should pay, of course they stated twice the price and refused to budge so we ended up finding another person further down the street who gave us the usual price.The ride in the tuk tuk was amazing. It was the first time we had been in one since being in Asia. The killing fields were about 40 minutes away and the driver took us to parts of the city that were tourist free and they looked so much more interesting.
Sagar Pradhan
Central Market-Shopping in Phnom Penh is a major attraction for tourists who love to buy back some souvenirs from this exotic Asian land. Central Market (Phsar Thmei) in Phnom Penh is one of those busy bazaars that are always filled with effervescent crowd from one end to the other. The Central Market (Phsar Thmei) of Phnom Penh stocks everything right from food items to clothes, silverworks and jewelleries. The market building is a beautiful one, a spectacular instance of Cambodian architecture.(Reach hotel by 4 PM as pick up Tuk Tuk comes at 4.30 PM or reach venue direct)