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Wat temples in Cambodia...  - Vietnam and Cambodia... its easy to move onto Cambodia... alone to Cambodia. There I visited Phnom...

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I decided to do a trip to Cambodia... in Cambodia... it all in Cambodia... of Cambodia - White sands...

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Top Places To Visit 18 Spots

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city with rich history shows the grit with which Cambodians are rising after the cannibalistic rule they have suffered from. This place shares with us its struggles of the past and dreams of the future

Siem Reap

Sure, a walk in the city of Athens is a walk through time and beautiful ruins echo the story of the dynasties that once ruled here. It might be tough to search a place that can beat Athens, but Angkor Wat comes very close it. Angkor Wat is the ultimate expression of Khmer genius – an awe-inspiring temple that is stunning for both its grand scale and incredible detail.Air Tickets: Approx INR 20,000 on Skyscanner.Stay: INR 1400 per night on Airbnb



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