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Foreign Correspondents Club

My Life in Sin
After exploring the Russian Market and shopping we were in need of some refreshments, and where better than the world-famous Foreign Correspondents Club on the river in Phnom Penh? Yeah, we couldn't think of anywhere superiour either :) Especially considering how good their happy hour deals are... 1 for 1 between 5 and 7pm. What else could a group of thirsty gals want? They have a pizza oven but we weren't brave enough to try their pizza (who knows, it could have been one of those famous local "happy" pizzas topped with things that are high illegal over here in Singapore) and any way we knew we wanted local food for dinner. So the happy hour deal of one for one applies to beer, cocktails and house wines. I asked whether it was individual cocktails or also the jugs and luckily for us, they would do one for one jugs.... we managed to finish off nearly a jug each ;-)