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Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

The Royal Palace comprises of several complex buildings put together and serves as the royal residence of the King of Cambodia. Unfortunately, when I was there the King passed away and the palace was temporary closed to public. Nevertheless I managed a shot of the palace from the outside. Do note that dress code applies when visiting the palace.
Gayatri Manu
A ticket to the Royal Palace also grants you entry to the Silver Pagoda. Named after the floor, which is plated in silver and specks of which you can see under the rugs that cover it. It is home to many Buddhist treasures that include an Emerald Buddha. On the Palace grounds is a structure made by the French out of the cast iron used in the construction of the Suez Canal and it stands awkwardly among the steep tile roofs and stupa shaped cupolas. The temple also houses a Buddha statue made out of gold and dotted with around 10,000 diamonds. The Khmer royalty love their bling almost as much as us Indians.