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The Royal Palace

Nidhi Jakhodia
Check in at Hotel Kabiki was smooth. They provided a tourist map and helpful information on what to see. After resting for a couple of hours at the hotel I made my way towards Independence monument and from there towards Royal Palace. The palace was nicely lit up. Cambodia still has a king, but he has no political powers. Monks sitting on the grounds outside the palace made a pretty picture. From there I moved to Sisowath Quay - a 3 km boulevard along the Mekong river. The river-side road is full of restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, and money changers. Most of the landmarks of Phnom Penh are accessible from Sisowath Quay.
Sumedha Bharpilania
Home to the King of Cambodia, the Royal Palace is probably the most magnificent thing about the city of Phnom Penh. The sun makes all the gold on the structure look even brighter and for a second you start to wonder if you actually are in Bangkok. The Throne Hall, the Silver Pagoda and certain other areas are open to the public while the rest are accessible only to the ones with blue blood. Pictures around the palace (except for the Silver Pagoda where photography is prohibited) almost always come out beautiful and Instagram-worthy and the intricate turquoise and golden victory gate is breath-taking. The entrance fee is around 5 USD with your camera and a guide is not really essential.
Dhiraj Debbarma
Kim Buenafe
True to its name, The Royal Palace serves as the residence of the King of Cambodia, his family and foreign dignitaries. The place is a venue for the performance of court ceremony and ritual, and has been a symbol of the Kingdom ever since. The striking structure stands near the riverfront and boasts classic Khmer roofs and ornate gilding. The famous SIlver Pagoda, where the King worshiped, prayed and practiced every Buddhist Silas Day, is also located inside The Royal Palace.