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Phú Quốc

Ratika Wadhwa
We booked a beachfront bungalow at the Eden resort. We absolutely loved the resort and the luxurious bungalow that opened right at the beach. You can relax and get a massage (s) done at this destination.
wonderful place with my honey!
Gaurang Garg
Phu Quoc is a small island off the Vietnam mainland. It is located in the gulf of Thailand, towards the south of Vietnam.Vietnam, in general is not famed for its beaches. That being said, the beaches at Phu Quoc are probably the best in the country. This is a great place to just go out and relax on the beach or rent a motorbike and explore all the far fetched beaches on your own. Be sure to go only during the peak season because the place is quite dead otherwise. I took a jetstar flight from Ho Chi Minh city to Phu Quoc and stayed at the Langchia Hostel. This is probably the only hostel here and it was my worst hostel experience in Vietnam.During the off season there is nothing much to do here apart from chilling on the beach/relaxing or reading a book. If that is what you really enjoy doing, then go for it. The night life is non existent during off season. The night market is the only place to visit at night where you can find fresh sea food. Scuba diving or snorkeling tours are a good option during the day. John's island tours do a great all day snorkeling and fishing tour which is recommended. There are a few dive shops in and around the area. So doing your licences here is not a bad option.
Tsai Wharton
After the traveling frenzy between and in these bustling cities, it’s a great idea to end your trip with three to four days of utter peace and relaxation. The island of Phu Quoc is a one-hour flight south of Saigon. It’s gorgeous!