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Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa stands the Cathedral and Baptistry - do pay these a visit too! The Leaning Tower isn't the only attraction in the area.
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From the land of Snow to the Land of History and Architecture. Italy made a warm welcome. Pisa was on the first day. Leaning tower of Pisa was the main attraction where tourists from across the world had come to enjoy its grandeur. Next two days was spent in Rome, Venice and Vatican City- a must-visit cities in the world for its art, culture, history and architecture. The gondola rides in Venice is a Classy experience.
2: Leaning Tower of Pisa
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18 | FLORENCE + Pisa + CINQUE TERREIf you’re in search of the world’s best gelato, famed artwork, an infamous lean and jaw dropping seaside villages then this is it! Enjoy sights like the David and the Birth of Venus in the midst of the cobbled stone, savoring gelato and culture in one big gulp. Then head west for a quick visit to Pisa’s Leaning Tower so you can capture a few of those delightfully cheesy hold-up-the-tower shots, finally continue on to the five seaside villages that make Cinque Terre. Here you’ll have the choice of visiting each along a challenging but beautiful footpath or via train. Each village has it’s own delectable personality so good luck choosing your favorite! Great spring to fall for those that like to be active and enjoy photography and culture.
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Sorry, I couldn’t quite help myself with that clichéd start to my post. Combine a Sherlock Holmes quote with my love for London and the self-proclaimed writer in me, it was a cliché waiting to happen. But clichés are an integral part of travel. Resting your leg jauntily on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, crossing the Abbey Road Crossing as one of the Beatles, kissing at Times Square; this is what drives travel many a time. It’s the comfort food for tour-package-booking-travellers and travel agents alike. So, one fine day, we decided to throw out our itineraries, our preferences, and basically, our decision-making capabilities for an evening and have a fate-based, non-clichéd adventure in the streets of London. Though, we did have our tea first!
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It's a straight walk to the Leaning tower from pisa station. There are small shops of Gucci and Armaani on the way,it's Italy after all!The first thing that struck me about this monument was that it was way whiter than what I had seen in pics and then we came to know that government is renovating all the famous monuments all over the country. It also did not appear to be as leaning as I expected it to be. There's also a Cathedral in the same compound and it has beautiful green lawns. There was a light drizzle and lying down on that green carpet like grass watching the monument and tourists pouring in was a bliss in itself.As you get out of that area, there's a market right behind that sells mementos. Behind that there's a series of joints that serve beer and food. We had an awesome time sitting and chatting there and catching up on good old times.
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Tuscany tour Sienna, San Gimignano and PisaHappy and satiated from our Cinque Terre day trip. We booked ourselves a Tuscany day trip for the next day. YES, we took another tour, and I have no regrets whatsoever. If you don’t have time for you, and really want to explore a city, have a look at these tours, and you won’t be disappointed. To be very honest, I realized that it’s impossible to truly manage to explore a place like Italy in a short time span without making using of these tours. We took a tour that was called Tuscany in One Day itself, and it was so worth it, again! It took us to Sienna- we were there for a few hours, and then took us to a local vineyard where we had a little wine tasting and followed by unlimited glasses of wine and traditional Tuscan meal. This had to be the most generous tour ever. After the meal, we went to Gimignano to explore the little town and had the “world’s best gelato” from the award winning Gelateria del Dondoli. Finally, from San Gimignano, we were taken to Pisa to see the leaning tower of Pisa! The trip does sound rather hectic, and I wouldn’t lie – it was. But, it was also worth every penny, and I can confidently say that I did get the feel of the Tuscan cities, gothic architecture, and food!This trip was originally published on Melange of Musings.
The Leaning Tower is located in an enclosed park-like area with green grass (which is very good for sleeping in the sun, especially if you are from a sun starved place like London!!), where there are three buildings : The Tower, the Duomo and the Baptistery. In fact, all three of them are tilted but possibly because of its height, the lean in the Tower is a lot more visible. The typical photograph taken by anyone who is visiting the Tower is with your hand superimposing the tower, as if its you who are pushing it down! Its a must for anyone visiting this wonder of the world.There is a ticket to go up the Tower, a bit expensive, but if you are there, you may as well climb it! The climb is not too strenuous, and you will realize while climbing up that you start walking at a tilted angle, same as the angle of the tower! The climb does get a bit scary, specially when you are on the top and you realise that the building you are standing on is actually tilled and someday expected to fall down:)) In fact even when you get down, you will walk tilted for sometime. You get a good view of the Pisa town from the top of the Tower.
I touched down in Pisa mid-July. The flight from Bordeaux was cheaper than into anywhere else in Italy. I was not even going to stay, instead move straight on into Florence, but then I thought it would be foolish to go back and forth and booked myself for two nights into the only hostel in town, the conveniently named Hostel Pisa. When I set foot onto the tar outside the airport, it was already evening but the sun hadn’t set, yet, I quickly realised what I had done: I was visiting Tuscany in the hottest time of the year.The next morning I grabbed a map of the city from hostel reception and made a plan. To see as much of the old town as possible in a day, I decided to make my way North to the Leaning Tower vaguely along the remains of the old town wall and the Roman aqueduct. Pisa is an ancient city. Its exact founding date is unknown. But remains show that the city, than much closer to the sea, and its river, the Arno, shippable, had already been a thriving port under the Etruscans, trading with the Greeks and the people in North and Western Europe.After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Republic of Pisa continued to grow. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was, along with such glamorous names as Genoa and Venice, considered one of the most important commercial places in Italy. It was during that time, the 11th century, that the foundations for what is now one of the World’s most recognizable landmarks were laid: the Piazza dei Miracoli.First, they build the imposing duomo which looks like it was made completely from white marble. A few decades later followed the baptistery which was supposed to be joined by a bell tower. But that tower was never really finished — lack of funding and, well, issues with statics. I reached the square from Via Cardinale Maffi Pietro before noon and was ready to be underwhelmed. But, the three buildings gleaming in the July sun looked truly miraculous. The tower itself seemed tiny and I was almost distracted by the hoards of tourists, all trying to get that one shot where it looks like their keeping the tower from falling.However, once I took the time to study the details — the fine marble works, the subtle differences in color, the columns I couldn’t help but be once again smitten by the skills of Christian architects. Even almost a thousand years ago, with technology that mostly relied on human strength, they managed to create something that is at the same time imposing and delicate.I went inside the cathedral, but opted to not pay for the baptistery or the Mudeo dell’Operai. Instead, I found a cheap lunch which I enjoyed in the calm shade of the garden of one of the newer university buildings before moving on to the Piazza Cavalieri and the marvellous decorations outside the Palazzo della Carovana. Trying to flee from the afternoon heat I slipped into one church and then another, passing by old palazzi here and there, strolled along the river and eventually gave up, leaving the old town with a big cone of home-made ice cream from La Bottega del Gelato in Piazza del Pozzetto towards the pleasant cold of my air-conditioned hostel.This trip was originally published on CBsoundso
Our train for Pisa was from Roma Termini station at 9.57 AM so we had decided to leave hotel at 8.30 AM. To reach city center we had to take a bus for Cornelia station and from there take a metro for Roma Termini station. As luck would have had it we were late by couple of minutes and missed the bus. We were waiting for the next bus but as it was a Sunday the service was less frequent. The crowd at the bus stand also started building up. As minutes ticked we were getting worried. Since the camping village is in outskirts of the city it was difficult to get any other mode of transport. It was already 9.15 and it seemed we would never make it to station in time. The whole day would be ruined. One of my friends started racing up and down the bus stand. Just then I saw a taxi speeding by, without thinking anything else I hailed it. Luckily it was empty and the driver was more than willing to take us to the station. He told us that it would take about 30 minutes to reach station as traffic was comparatively less. We told him about our urgency. He was a nice man, took a few short cuts and dropped us at station within 20 minutes. We gave him some extra for his efforts. At that moment he was god sent for us as finding an empty taxi in Rome is very rare phenomenon. We rushed to the station and found the train to be waiting at the platform. We quickly grabbed some breakfast and settled down in our seats.The train passes through some of the main cities in Tuscany region. This region has some of the most picturesque countryside in Italy. There were lush green hills on one side and the blue Mediterranean Sea on the other side. The sights out of the train window were a visual treat. We didn’t realize how quickly 3 hours went by. We reached Pisa by 1 pm. The leaning tower is walkable distance (about 2 kms) from the station. Though there are buses called RED LAM (LAM Rosso) which can be availed to reach the tower if you are in a hurry. We wanted to explore the city so we walked. While walking through the streets we did what most tourists do. Click pictures!!While researching on the internet we learned about a superb Indian restaurant named ‘Namaste India Ristorante’. And the time was just right for lunch so we walked into the restaurant. Just have a look at the menu in the picture above!Thanks to Mr. Velupandian Devar (owner of Namsate India) for his suggestions and help. We enjoyed the food very much. Actually we packed our dinner too. To read the entire story of the trip please visit Art, Faith & Fashion Trip - Pisa.
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Till date, I clearly remember how delighted I was when I saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa from the bus. From my travel experience, I have learnt when we take the local transport of that particular place,it adds a whole new dimension to the entire travel experience. Earlier, I used to be a lot fussier,be it food,the accommodation and I wasn’t too comfortable if I ever saw any public transport filled with people. Now, I’ve really started to enjoy all of these things. Now I just eat whatever is available. I now need some place to crash,that’s all.I now try and catch some or the public transport of the place I’m visiting.You can take a Euro rail to Pisa from anywhere in Europe. From the railway station, you can take a bus till Piazza dei Miracoli. Piazza dei Miracoli. It consists of the cathedral,baptistery,cemetry and campanile.Campanile is nothing but a bell tower. Leaning tower of Pisa is the bell tower for the Cathedral present here. The dome that you see here in front is the baptistery. Leaning Tower of Pisa has taken 200 years for it’s completion due to multiple reasons. One being the onset of wars and other one being, leaning of the tower post completion of the third floor. This is how the cathedral looks from inside. It houses such beautiful sculptures inside I tell you ! Europe is filled with museums and I think we’d need months and years if we were to truly appreciate them.This masterpiece is known as the Pulpit and is the work of Giovanni Pisano. This is considered as one of the best works in medieval sculpture. The upper portion of this sculpture depicts scenes from New Testament. It has scenes like Crucifixion and Last Judgement. The efforts spent on the details is just amazing.Inside the cathedral. Timings to visit the tower would vary depending upon months. Best bet would 10am-5pm during any month. During summer, it is open for a longer duration. Leaning tower of Pisa is a bell tower and it houses 7 bells, one for each note of the musical major scale.This is how the complex looks from the top of Leaning Tower of Pisa.This entire complex was declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 1987. The tower has also been declared as one of the wonders of the Medieval World. I’m so glad that I could get inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Though you know it is tilted, it is only when you get inside the tower do you realize how tilted it is ! The tower was closed in 1990 and it was reopened in 2001. The tickets are priced at 15 € per person to get to the top of the tower. I was full on excited as you can see [I’m smiling to a T despite having a bad hair day]. I thoroughly enjoyed being here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t explore much of the city. But whatever little I saw was so beautiful. If you happen to visit Italy, do try to get to Pisa because this is one thing that is not to be missed!Getting to Piazza dei Milacoli:Air : Take a flight to Galileo Galilei airport. From there,take a bus or train.Train : Euro Rail connects. Take a bus from the station to Piazza dei Milacoli. Cab : Cabs are there too. But I suggest using a bus as it is very convenient.
5. Calculate the miscalculation that led to the word famous tilt of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This is one of the most popular monuments included in most Europe tourism packages.Best Rated Places to Stay in Italy1. NH, Pisa – Rs 7,000
Had read about the legendary tower in childhood history books. Then to actually stand in front of the leaning tower was certainly thrilling. We had booked the entry into the tower in advance. They gave a small presentation about the tower before we took the 300 odd steps to the summit. and once on top the views of the city was worth the effort. Visit this place for its history and the legend.The tower could be reached either by a bus from Pisa centrale station or one can stroll through the narrow lanes of Pisa. After going around the buildings around the complex we relaxed a bit on grass lawn in front of the statue of 'Fallen angel'.
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I’m going to share with you a secret that I’ve kept quiet until now.…..go at night…. Wait…when?!? That’s right, at night. Go after the sun has set. Find a nice bar and have an aperitivo, or even an early dinner, then make your way to the Piazza dei Miracoli. You won’t believe your eyes. The vendors will be closed and their shops will have the shutters drawn. The throngs of tourists will be gone. The security guards telling you to stay off the grass will be at home enjoying dinner and telling their families about the funny things they saw foreigners doing that day. But most of all, you will notice the silence. The Piazza dei Miracoli is a place that I take every single person who comes to visit us to see. Even if during the day, the Piazza dei Miracoli is one of the most majestic squares I have ever seen, and I never get tired of seeing it. In another tip I will tell you about each building, a little history, and some little known tales and folklore surrounding various aspects of the square. But for right this second, I want you to imagine having this square to yourself. Or perhaps a few other likeminded people who speak in soft whispers and are more intent on experiencing the piazza from the lack of assault on the senses than with it.