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White Town

This is an old French colony which has now become a posh neighbourhood og Pondicherry. The French and Roman inspired buildings here are mostly in white and mustard colour. This is one reason for which the name 'White Town' suits this place aptly. Also, this is a very popular area with all the different types of restaurants- big and small located over here. If you want to taste some of the best food and dishes of here, then you should definitely come doen to White Town. It is not that you will only get South Indian food but you get all other Indian cuisines along with French, Italian and other continental and exotic dishes in most of the restaurants of White Town.
Amit Kumar
I decided to stay in the White town area which is most popular among tourists to stay. I stayed in the Richmond hotel which is a beautiful French architecture hotel with having pleasant ambience. The white town is a small French colony town right in the middle of Pondicherry having a collection of the best cafes and restaurants and connect with beautiful pristine beaches.
Biswanath banerjee
Pondicherry , which got part of Union of India in the year 1962 following liberation from French Occupation, boasts of an arrondissement named 'White Town'. Even after 59 years vestiges of French colonial era is pretty evident every where in Pondicherry ,more so , in this quartier ,which derives its' name as it used to be inhabited by white French people - a stark reminder of racial division prevalent at that time.However, at present point of time, French quartier is surfeit with 19 th century French villa turned into uptrend cafes , quirky restaurants with interesting graffiti art adorning its' façade , and boutique hotels with intriguing art décor - a perfect ensemble for bon-vivant life. The leafy cobble stoned streets are flanked by Palatial buildings , facades of which are straight out of a palette box ,adding fairy tales que stature to the suburb , of denizens , dotted by handy-craft shops showcasing ingenuity of the local people.
The next stop on Kriti’s itinerary is White Town, known for its gorgeous French colonial-era villas. This quaint area is also a great spot to enjoy Tamil-Franco cuisine.
2. Walk around White Town - White town or Heritage town still holds witness to the colonial period with its vivid buildings and structures. The well- planning buildings in this part of the city are best explored on foot. Watch out for colourful buildings and graffiti for your Instagram pictures. As you stroll on the streets you can visit Aurobindo ashram, Pondicherry Museum, Gandhi Statue, Old lighthouse, War memorial, John Arc Statue and Dupleix Statue. Spend your evening watching sunset on rock beach/promenade beach while spinning some sweet milk or filter coffee from Kbs (a roadside stall).