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This is an old French colony which has now become a posh neighbourhood og Pondicherry. The French and Roman inspired buildings here are mostly in white and mustard colour. This is one reason for which the name 'White Town' suits this place aptly. Also, this is a very popular area with all the different types of restaurants- big and small located over here. If you want to taste some of the best food and dishes of here, then you should definitely come doen to White Town. It is not that you will only get South Indian food but you get all other Indian cuisines along with French, Italian and other continental and exotic dishes in most of the restaurants of White Town.
From there we went to French colony. A colony with different colour monuments and some foreigners chicks (Totta) .The roads of the city are extremely clean and beautiful. The architecture is unusual which makes one take a longer look on it. It is a treat to spend some quality time there clicking photos and chilling .This place drives me crazy ("Ça me prend la tête ! ") some french words finally .
Aakanksha Magan
10am to 12pm – Stunning yellow buildings, marked with white courtyards narrate the life of the French who lived and ruled in Pondicherry. Known as Ville Blanche or White Town, roaming around the streets of this area of Pondicherry will transport you to the times gone by. Start from Baker Street and move towards Alliance Française. Along the streets are colonial-era villas decorated in pastel and ochre shades, with boulevards lined with stunning green trees. On one such street, named Dumas, is Cluny Embroidery Centre, again an old colonial building but with local women who work there now, producing exquisite French-colonial hand embroidered home furnishings. Pick up a souvenir or two from here. End your walk through this beautiful area at Alliance Française. Located inside a pristine white villa, it stares out at the French Quarter on one side and the sea on the other.
Prerna Madan
It all started with a stroll away from the seaside. Although the yearning to feel sand slipping from under our feet was alluring, it was the harsh afternoon sun that kept us away. We walked through baroque villas where outdoor cafes were intimately nestled, as if shying away from the humid air, waiting for the evening dance to begin. Creepers on wooden doors softened their grandiosity and chalk drawings or traditional rangoli outside them invited us to their world. Occasionally, the twirling rot iron street lamps stood on the corners, watching the passersby quietly.
Swagatika Sarangi
French quarter
Footloose Backpackers
Next, we headed to the White Town (the French Colony). The yellow houses had a fabulous architecture and it did look like something we see in the movies. But somehow, I felt it was overvalued too. There is nothing much to see there; one can just get a few pictures clicked (that too not in front of the houses as the French people obviously don’t like it). The place is perfect for clicking a picture in a black ravishing dress!
Pritishree Dash
Pondicherry is famous for its French quarters, of colors such as sun burnt yellow, peach, ash or just white, the ornate balconies, sprawling courtyards and arched gates lined with bougainvillea. The perpendicular roads which still retain their French names will make you apply your brakes every now and then, just so that you see the architecture around you.
Damini Aggarwal
Our hotel was situated in White Town, so a lot of places including cafes/restaurants were at a walkable distance.
Anusha Alvandar
White Town is the beauty of the Pondicherry city.This is the part of the city that you will fall in love with. The French influence is evident in the buildings and city plan.The beach guesthouse we stayed was just 10mts from Promenade . The place is a bliss and you can spend a pleasant evening walking or just seeing the tides hit the shore. Also , Since the place we stayed was just so near by, we spent mornings and evenings looking the abundance that is the Sea .
Krisha Chakraborty
French Riviera of India. Quiet lanes with trees creating a roof ahead. Dominated with pale yellow old French buildings. A place to relax, stroll & soak it all in.
Gayatri Manu
You will try and not skip on its clean brick cobbled pavements. You will fail. The French Quarter’s mustard and white mansions that hide behind bursts of pink bougainvillea vines will elude you. You will look through its glass windows expecting an 1860s scene out of Paris. You will see a couple of weights and lifting machines instead and reel with the shock of realising that this French mansion has now been converted to a gym. You will also grumble as you pass by the white, immaculate colonial mansion that is Raj Niwas (Residence of the Governor of Pondicherry) and not be able to enter it. I would suggest you take a walk through the ‘white town’ in the early mornings or late nights while the crowds are thinner. INTACH also organises Heritage Walks in the French Quarter. So get in touch with them or just rent a bicycle and hum to yourself as you zip past crumbling mansions.