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Ross Island

Just 15 minutes away from the capital of Port Blair, Ross Island used to be the capital and served as the same from 1858 to 1941 until it was hit by a massive earthquake and attacked by the Japanese. It stands today are an important tourist destination in the archipelago and some attractions are the ruins of the Chief Commissioner’s house and the church. There are a number of machine gun nests that have been left behind by the Japanese who took over the island during World War II.
A Walking Wanderer
24/12/2017. After an amazing first night in the islands I got ready to explore the next thing the island had to offer. As per schedule I had to visit Ross Island and North Bay island, but the weather had other plans. The islands were closed for public for the day, so the hotelier advised to enjoy the city tour. When I got ready suddenly it was announced that the islands have opened and I'll tour the islands as scheduled. The hotelier dropped me off at Aberdeen jetty from where I had to hop on to a boat which took me to Ross Island. The journey from Aberdeen jetty started off well, I was fearing sea sickness as it was my first time traveling on a boat in an open sea. A while later while the boat was nearing Ross Island, high tide struck and the waves started toppling the boat. Passengers all around me started vomitting, every now and then someone was vomitting, thanks to God it didn't trouble me otherwise the tour might have gone haywire. After toppling and twisting the boat reached Ross Island. Note a tip, Ross Island shuts at 1PM. It is under the management of Indian Air Force. You will only find Deers and Peacocks on the island. Ross Island was then the British capital in the Andamans and followed Calcutta Time zone. If you don't know then let me inform that when the Britishers ruled India they divided the country into three time zones, Calcutta, Bombay and Railway time zone. All the management was done through Ross Island. On the island you will witness ruins of several bungalows, church, market, cemetery, offices etc. And view of the islands and Andaman Islands from the peak of the island is breathtaking. It was time to leave Ross after spending around an hour exploring the island. Next stop was North Bay island. This island is mentioned on the back of Rs. 20 note. It is a famous diving spot in the Andamans, here apart from diving you can experience Snorkeling, sea walking, swimming, glass boat ride,etc. Again the passengers vomitted throughout the journey, it took around 40 minutes to reach North Bay island.  I was excited as it was suggested that I could dive here but since it was around 3 pm, the dive masters advised not to dive here as many fishes and corals won't be visible. So he suggested to dive either in Neil or Havelock. Other people went for Dolphin boat ride and I explored the islands. A local dive master stopped me from going to the light house as he advised not to venture out alone up. So I just watched people train and dive, snorkel and swim as I just sat clicked a few photographs of the magnificent island. After sunset we were dropped off at the Aberdeen jetty, so it was another experience of travelling in a boat in the dark also in open sea. After freshening up in the hotel, I went outside to explore Port Blair at night. I found a shipyard just few steps ahead, beside it was a park where I sat and heard the peaceful sound of sea and watched the maintenance of ships anchored there. Later, after having dinner I thought how fool I was to underrate Andamans as this was turning out to be one of the most amazing trips I have ever covered. This marks the end of Part 1. If you are still reading then I hope you enjoyed part 1 & Part-2 coming soon. Till then stay happy, take care, Bye bye. Have a happy week ahead ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rupsha Mukherjee
We visited two islands - Ross island and North bay island. We again got into a speedboat to reach North Bay - the place is known for water sports but I would suggest not doing it there because it is overpriced - Havelock and Neil islands are better options. We booked a trip to see underwater corals on a transparent/glass base boat but the trip was unsatisfying as sunlight got reflected on the base and we could hardly see underwater flora. However, the island is beautiful with crystal clear water and serene environment. From there, we went to Ross island - Netaji Subhas Chandra Boss was said to have occupied this island during the pre-independence struggle. Ross island gives a 360 degree view of the sea and has historical elements to it. Another highlight were a herd of deer who were freely roaming around the place. We returned to Port Blair around afternoon and had a sumptuous lunch of Malabar prawn curry, steamed rice and Surmai fish curry.In the evening, we visited Chidiyatappu beach in Port Blair that is famous for its sunset view.
Wander with Sakshi
Candida John
Ross island - "Paris of the East"Ross was the headquarters of British colony and today it houses the ruins of the buildings that were built during British rule. There were Barracks, Commissioner house, officer's quarters, clubhouse, tennis court, swimming pool, bazaar, bakery, printing press, temple & desalination plant.All of this changed forever following 2 disasters- Earthquake in 1941 & Japanese invasion during WWII. When tragedy struck again in the form of Tsunami, Ross shrank greatly in size.
Kristil Ane
Next day, went on a boat ride to Ross Island. This island will make you nostalgic and takes you back in time when this was a managerial settlement for the Britishers. There are a lot of historical ruins in this island like Church, Hospital, Bakery, Press, Swimming Pool, Ballroom, CM'house etc.It's a great place for sightseeing, interacting with the deer's and watching peacocks and ducks.