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Visit the machine gun nests here.
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Ross Island

Just 15 minutes away from the capital of Port Blair, Ross Island used to be the capital and served as the same from 1858 to 1941 until it was hit by a massive earthquake and attacked by the Japanese. It stands today are an important tourist destination in the archipelago and some attractions are the ruins of the Chief Commissioner’s house and the church. There are a number of machine gun nests that have been left behind by the Japanese who took over the island during World War II.
Anil Kumar
6. Lots of history to be known here in Port Blair:Least did I know that Japanese had invaded this part of India, during World War 2 and had the place in their control for 3 years. Yes, Japanese bunkers in Corbyn’s cove and Ross islands are the evidences for this. There is one more place I should tell about and that is Ross islands, which was an administrative headquarters of British Raj in Andaman and Nicobar islands. This was used by British officer with a highest grade and was abandoned in the year 1942 post an earth quake that hit the islands very badly. It has a lots of old ruins of Ballroom, Church, Hospital, Bakery, Press, Chief Commissioner’s house, Swimming pool, and Troop Barrack all in dilapidated conditions. The place looks very well planned at that time and still ruins keep you awestruck about their way of living in Luxury. The Deers are all around the island and they don’t run away seeing you, instead give a macho pose for your click.
Neha Bhise Sadalge
RD Prajapati
RD Prajapati
Tejpal Choudhary
PORT BLAIR - NORTH BAY (CORAL ISLAND) - ROSS ISLAND Now after breakfast embark on a day three island rail. Among the most popular activities. It insures a panorama of seven countries which have the North Bay and Ross island. It leaves a lasting impression. Ross Island. Was the headquarters of the British. This island is currently under the Navy. You might even see museum called Smritika, it retains photos as well as another antiques from the Britishers related to those islands. The island is famed for favorable flocks of Deer and lush green walking paths.