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Ross Island

Just 15 minutes away from the capital of Port Blair, Ross Island used to be the capital and served as the same from 1858 to 1941 until it was hit by a massive earthquake and attacked by the Japanese. It stands today are an important tourist destination in the archipelago and some attractions are the ruins of the Chief Commissioner’s house and the church. There are a number of machine gun nests that have been left behind by the Japanese who took over the island during World War II.
Biswanath banerjee
Ross Island:: the then capital of Andaman And Nicobar islands during British period from 1858 to 1942 and 1945 to 1947. During 1942 to 1945, the island was under to grip of Japanese. This island is now under Indian Navy. This is just 20 minutes sea journey from Phoenix bay jetty of Port Blair. Cruises and port charters are available very frequently from Phoenix bay jetty/Aberdeen jetty to Ross island. People can also reach Ross island after visiting North bay coral island. The usual trip will be to travel towards Viper island from Phoenix bay jetty/Aberdeen jetty and from Viper to North bay and then to Ross island. This is a one day package trip.Tickets can be booked from the marina park itself.In Ross island people can see the ruins of buildings built during British period. Ruins of Church, Printing press, Government offices, Power house, Tennis court, Bakery, pond etc... can be seen. . A graveyard of Britishers surrounded by coconut palm trees is also available here. People can also visit the beaches located at the other side of the island by walk. Fearless deers and peacocks are found in the island. The island is full of coconut and palm trees. There are so many places in the island for the visitors to sit and relax.On the backside of the island,there is a statue of ' The Lone Sailor- Silent Sentinel of Sea in Eternal Vigil' which must not be missed.Recently a light and sound show is being organized at Ross Island which tells the saga of the islands and its inhabitants in a very creative manner. The tickets of the light and sound show cost Rs 100 only, but advance booking is required due to limited availability.(visit
Priya Saxena
Our last stop for the day and for the trip was Ross Island with quite a lot of history from the British Raj and the Japanese invasion of the Island during the WWII. The Island is under the purview of the Indian Navy. One of the top attractions at the island is you being able to walk side by side a group of deer. Like literally, you can touch them, have your own ‘Selfie with Bambi’ moment. Ross Island also holds a light and sound show in the evening.We returned our hotel in the evening, took a stroll on the road later and found an amazing ice cream parlor, Milky Way. And not just the ice creams, they serve delicious pancakes and burritos as well. Don’t forget to try them if you stay in that area.Later that night, we toasted to our trip to the truly untouched paradise. We made another entry to the diary of life experiences.
A short ride in a steamer of about 30 minutes will take you to this place, which is also popularly known as HISTORY ISLAND by the locals. Indeed this place is a gold mine for history buffs, as it is a reminiscent of the Colonial British era.Right when you set foot on the island you get to see the Japanese bunker, which had been installed by the Japanese army in the pre-independence era, when ANDAMAN islands were not a part of the Indian Subcontinent . Then as you go about the island , you will find many old and dilapidated buildings of the British era , for ex:- a royal clubhouse , an old church, a cannon launching machine etc. But don’t be disappointed if history doesn’t interest you, because you still get to spend some time with the deers and the peacocks, on this island , and that too not in a cage. Well if you are lucky enough then you can even feed the animals, as you can get up close with them. You can also admire the scenic beauty and get to notice an old light house on the opposite side of the island across the sea.
Day 6: Return Back to port Blair from Havelock Island.( ADVANCE RESERVATION FOR THE GOVT SHIP/PRIVATE MAKRUZZ REQUIRED. YOU CAN BOOK THE TICKETS ONLINE FOR PRIVATE SHIP). BAck to Port Blair and we planned to go to ROSS ISLAND from Rajiv Gandhi Marine Park.We enjoyed the evening light and sound show in ROSS ISLAND.(Adavnce tickets required ask your taxi driver)
Vidya Sundaram
Visit this island only if you intend to glance the half destroyed structures from the British era or if you intend to click haunted photographs.You need to pay 30₹ as island maintenance fee before you step in.This island can either be explored by foot or you can hop onto a battery operated car (70₹).I would recommend you to take a walk because there is nothing much to explore so deep into the island unless you’re very much interested in history.While you decide to step into this island, Do try the malai kulfi here. (30₹)
Mehek Syed
On day one,we saw the local sight seeing in Port Blair and that evening we headed to Ross Island.
Ankita Borkakoty
Ross Island is a 30 minutes boat ride from Port Blair and the moment you reach there, you are greeted by deer and peacocks which instantly lift your spirit. The island has a historic significance as it was the British capital of Port Blair and the British made some extraordinary buildings! Sadly, earthquakes and tsunamis have destroyed most of it but one can still find remnants of an Anglican Church ,printing press, hospital, tennis court, a club, among other things. It is surrounded by natural beauty which is definitely a treat to the eyes! You can also hire electric cars to get a proper view of the island. The place is beautiful and it reminded me of its glorious past, to a very great extent! You can spend a good 1-2 hours on the island and return in the same boat thereafter. Moreover, you can also experience a beautiful light and sound show if you go in the evening!
Ankita Borkakoty
Neha Kirpal
Located a short distance away is Ross Island. Known as the Paris of the East, Ross was once an exclusive preserve from where the British governed the entire Andaman & Nicobar Islands prior to India’s independence. It also served as the residence of the Chief Commissioner during the British Raj as well as the administrative headquarters of the settlement during those times. The entire township was modeled on a Scottish village that existed here, including a swimming pool, tennis court, printing press, hospital, church, cemetery and community hall.
Anindita Acharya
Mode of transport: Boat
Twinkle Bala
Our first stop for the day was Ross Island ,which used to be the settlement of the British officers in Andamans. The remnants of an opulent past can be seen in the ruins of the bazaar, bakery, stores, water treatment plant, church, tennis court, printing press, secretariat, hospital, cemetery, swimming pool, the Chief Commissioner’s residence with its huge gardens and state grand ballrooms, the Government House, the old Andamanese Home,Troop Barracks, all in dilapidated condition because of an earthquake in 1941, reminiscent of the old British regime.You can spot several deers here who would readily pose for photographs!!!
Neeket Agarwal
Ross island has got multiple historical importance and has saved port Blair in 2004 from the tsunami. This place is a 2 hour trip from port Blair (including the ferry time of 10 mins one way).We also went to the north bay island. This island has got a light house which was closed around 2 years ago. There are also 3 options for glass boat ride at this island.
Ross island is a very small island that offers beautiful views around. You can see british museum, church and mansion here that will definitely make you feel nostalgic.
Sohinee Basu
Day 2: Our plan changed a bit due to the gov ship to go to Havelock being cancelled. So, we went to Ross Island(not to be confused with Ross n Smith Island). It was about 15min from Port Blair by a boat. Ross Island is a really small island, about 3km in length. You can see the ruins left, which was once a really popular island for the British. There was a small beach which was mostly covered in rocks, but it was so nice! We were the only people there, and the water was so clear, one can see everything.
Scout Ross Island and marvel at its beautiful Victorian English ruins. Home to beautiful Victorian English ruins and beaches, Ross Island used to be the administrative headquarters for the British. The island is a just half-day trip from Port Blair and has lots to explore.A trip to Ross Island requires you to take on a ferry ride from the Andamans Sports Complex that finishes at the Ross Island bay. It will take you about 15-20 minutes to reach and you can spend half a day at Ross Island. The ferry fare will cost you roughly about Rs 75, and you can only visit this island from 8.30 am till 4.30 pm.
Neha Tambe
Next day, we went to Ross Island. Ross Island was the British settlement that looked after the administration of Andamans and handled the Cellular Jail. It was a fully functioning facility with a canteen, bakery, residences, church, water purifier and a club. Today, however, it is a different story, what remains are only the ruins of a thriving community. Ross Islands is today under the Indian Navy. It is open to public for visitations. We took a jetty from Water Sports Complex in Port Blair and reached Ross within 30 minutes. The ruins of yesteryears are beautified by the quietness of the place and the numerous friendly deer and peacocks that habitat the place today. It is a great reminder of a bygone era.
Arnav Mathur
Ross Island was a British administrative base at one point of time. The whole island has no beach but old British building ruins and a good garden where one can enjoy a long walk .Currently it is under control of the Indian Navy which has an office structure and some guestrooms there.The perfect outing includes getting packed lunch and enjoying it in the lush green lawns and thereafter taking a long stroll and interacting with the deer and occasionally feeding them as well.The island can be reached by ferry’s which ply from Port Blair to Ross and the tickets have to be pre-booked.
Reeti Srivastava
In the evening we travelled to Ross Island by a ferry ship. Thats where I witnessed the best ever light and sound show, which was based on the island's history.It involved such an amazing creativity. Kudos to the team behind this show. A spectacular show not to be missed at any cost.
Pavithra Paulraj
I had booked the tickets for Ross Island and Chidiyatapu through They picked me up from the hotel at about 9:30 AM and dropped me near the same park that I had visited the day before. I was made to board a boat to visit this island which was about 10 minutes ride away from Port Blair. On reaching there, a cute couple from Delhi initiated a conversation with me. The woman – Ekta was quite amused to know that I was doing a solo trip and she expressed her desire to do one quite soon. I had spent about 1.5 hours in that island with the couple. This island was the home to British officers of higher ranks. They lived in bungalows and had a lifestyle that our country cannot offer its population even today. They had water distilling plants, had swimming pools, played golf, etc. This island seemed quite haunted because the roots of the trees had grown on the buildings. There were some bunkers that were used during WWII. Happened to spot quite a few deers as well. I had to depart back to Port Blair and bid goodbye to the lovely couple. I had clicked a few pictures of the couple and Ekta which I had promised to mail them once I got back. Upon my arrival at Port Blair, the ExperienceAndamans agent had picked me and dropped me back to the hotel. I had good 3 to 4 hours to have my meal, take rest and get ready for my evening trip to Chidiyatapu.
Mayank Raj
THE OPULENT ISLAND WHERE NETAJI STAYED- Ross Island, Port Blair It used to be the capital of Andaman Island from 1858 to 1941, till an earthquake disbursed its inhabitants. The island, now abandoned, still has clubs, fitness centers, amphitheaters, pools, mail offices, worship places, retail shops, a printing press, hospitals and barracks that were once synonymous with the opulence with which the British led their lives. Fearing a Japanese invasion in 1942, they left. The Japanese did land there and started living in the commissioner's bungalow. Neatji Subhash Chandra Bose stayed here when he visited Port Blair in 1943.
Monika Sharma
A small island inhabited either by numbered coconut trees or deer and other domestic creatures. You take one round on the paved path and you will reach the other end of the island. A historic church, a cemetery and few other sights with peacocks flying over you is what you get here. The shining sun on water amidst bunch of coconut trees is what I couldn't help capturing. One can also easily see groups of colorful fishes(tiger and clown fishes) while stepping out of the ferry.
Things you can do at Ross Island: -Try to find the spot in this picture! -Watch as hundreds of deer gather near the walkway, to feed at snack time
Anand Menon
Ross Island – the erstwhile administrative island of Andaman. The British used to head their operations from this island which was just off the coast of Port Blair. The island had old residences, churches, a water-treatment plant, a ball-room, a huge cemetery, lakes, and a park among other stuff. There were deer and peacocks roaming freely on the island. It is said that when the tsunami hit this island, the animals sensed it beforehand and pulled along the people on the island to the highest parts and saved their lives. A major part of the island is occupied by the armed forces.
srishti jugran
Early morning after we have enjoyed lying on a sandy beach watching early morning sunrise and the pristine beauty of seaside walk strolling hands in hands with my best friend; we boarded 9 am ferry to Port Blair. Once we reached Port blair, we got our tickets booked from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex at Port Blair for scuba activity at North Bay for Day 4. We then headed forth in a ferry for Ross Islands-the place from where the British governed the entire Andaman and Nicobar lslands, prior to India’s Independence. The place also has a Japanese bunker. We had a fun time clicking wild deers, peacocks, local flora and fauna of the place. We did soak ourselves in the crystal clear beaches of Ross. We had to make it fast as the ferries return back to Port blair by 3 pm. We then hired a cab from Port Blair to pay a quick visit to Chidiya Tapu - one of the best places to see breath taking sunset in Port Blair with a fabulous view of lush green mangroves, forest cover with numerous chirping birds and Munda Pahar beaches, and other isolated islands. After we were done with Chidiya Tapu- we nestled towards Corbyn’s Cove Beach, had a pleasant walk late night along the sea and settled for a chic resort close to the beach.
Kewal Dedhia
Ross Island is a colonial architectural base. It is in trashes yet highlights British era and their activities in the islands. It is a trail joint where you’ll get to walk across the island with Deer, peacocks, squirrels and other animals.